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all the unpaid unthanked work round the house - a feminist issue?

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semirurallife Tue 15-Oct-13 18:08:01

AIBU for regularly thinking of quitting my job(s) as full time mum, part time worker, part time job hunter? what gets my goat (?) is the thankless tidying, cleaning, cooking, shopping, sock-pairing, ironing, drawer tidying, hovering, mopping, shoe-lifting - I could go on - that I do. I can't get a proper job coz have taken too much time off looking after the DH and DCs, so feel stuck. a separate issue! but isn't it (house and family care) a feminist issue, and why doesn't mainstream feminism seem to care about all this sh*t we do? they all seem glamorous media savvy Londoners rather than stuck in the sticks with boring mundane problems... anyone know what am talking about?...

semirurallife Fri 18-Oct-13 12:22:37

5mad - excellent! you ever go to Norfolk feminist get togethers (I haven't, yet..)
love the idea that DH has 5 hrs but didn't spend all of it building the shelves... a friend of mine once threw her DH's xbox out the window. was well proud of her, till heard she bought him another to say sorry...
Olive, how did you get your 5 yr old to do these things? you need to write the manual...! it takes me a week to bribe/threaten 9 yr old to pick stuff off the floor.
re why WOMEN care about socks on the floor is in 5mad's post - MILs and others - i used to live in Surrey and it was like desperate housewives, people really did care about the state of their kitchens. scary. knew one woman who would invite people round to admire her new kitchen. so its all these demands of women, some like it, like her, she wanted to wear a pinny and grow vegetables. .. or your mother in law, or your own mother.. a lot of the pressure is woman on woman, not meant to sound raunchy, its dull.

5madthings Fri 18-Oct-13 12:28:14

i havent been yet, where can i find details?

btw there are a few norwich/norfolk mnetters and we have a fb group as we organise nights out etc. pm me if you are interested, we are planning an xmas meal out which will involve lots of alcohol and setting the world to rights grin

5madthings Fri 18-Oct-13 12:31:12

oh and this morning whilst i was out with dd dp has done some more diy, tidied the kitchen and done some laundry. he has also been out bought a newspaper and read that and been uploading photos to photobox. he has sat on his arse and read for a bit as well. poor hard done by man that he is ...

oliveoctagon Fri 18-Oct-13 12:43:23

semirurallife - I work in a nursery and you have to tidy up so my children are trained from 1+

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