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Lapdancing and telling off dh's mate.

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Manchesterhistorygirl Wed 02-Oct-13 17:41:54

I blame you lot. Thanks.

Last night dh's friend was telling him all about his recent visit to a lap dancing bar. I told him he and his mates were a bunch of twats and I was disgusted at them all, especially since they all have partners.

I also told dh if I ever found out he'd done the same it'd be the absolute last thing he ever did.

So my nest of vipers, thank you for giving me the confidence to handle a situation I've always found disgusting, but wouldn't have ever spoken out about until I joined here.

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Fri 04-Oct-13 04:11:41

Night, imagination boy.

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 04:10:39



SabrinaMulhollandJjones Fri 04-Oct-13 04:09:13

No, I can save you the trouble of logging in in the morning. I would not draw the same conclusions as you. I was going on the OP - as you you should have been - not some concocted in my imagination scenario.

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 04:06:48

Would you? Answer in the morning


SabrinaMulhollandJjones Fri 04-Oct-13 04:04:39


Night night.

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 04:04:28

Sab - the hypothetical was my original perception. So i was seeing that if you perceived it as me whether you would draw the same conclusions?

Would you??

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 04:02:37

Not now the OP clarified. I don't think she was in this scenario.

Before, Interpreting the phrase from the original post as a threat, I did.

I can't be any clearer.

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Fri 04-Oct-13 03:59:25

Do you still think op was abusive bale? What we think about hypotheticals is really not relevant. You can't project hypotheticals onto the OP - no matter how much you will think it will win your argument.

This is the thread we're on - do you still think she's abusive? That's what relevant.

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 03:50:18

Lol you don't want to answer. It's not a trick question. I'm just showing how a different perception of what was said would draw different conclusions. I guess neither answered because you didn't want to say that threats are not abusive or you didn't want to admit there was ambiguity in what was said or in the scenario.
Either way I don't mind. OP clarified, I apologised.

Flora - do you watch neighbours? (Now that's a subject change)

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Fri 04-Oct-13 03:48:57

No there is no scenario on the same subject. It's very simple - you've apologised yet still claimed to be 'right.' Do you baley, still consider the op to be abusive to her partner?

FloraFox Fri 04-Oct-13 03:45:12

I'm not interested in your derail bale

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 03:42:11

It's a different scenario on the same subject

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 03:41:40

Flora what would you answer to the question?

FloraFox Fri 04-Oct-13 03:40:26

Your question is an attempt to change the subject. Further evidence of lack of perception.

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 03:36:59

Sab - I haven't since the OP came back on.

What is your answer to the hypothetical?

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Fri 04-Oct-13 03:35:03

The OP clearly wasn't a threat to anyone with more than a single braincell. So stop trying to make out it's abusive.

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 03:32:47

What was it about my reply to you that changed the subject?

Flora I apologised for my interpretation. I don't know who are guys on here. I changed my view when the OP clarified.

FloraFox Fri 04-Oct-13 03:30:14

Changing the subject much?

Perception is obviously not your strong point, as evidenced by your inability to grasp the frankly fucking obvious tenor of the OP's statement and your inability to identify the male posters. I suggest you take this as a learning experience and post with caution in future or fuck off altogether .

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 03:22:38

What is your answer to the hypothetical question?

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Fri 04-Oct-13 03:20:57

Yeah flora - that was my thought too. Baley, You don't get to apologise and still be 'right'. If you changed your view you will admit you were wrong to call the op abusive.

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 03:17:27

Flora I apologised for my interpretation. I don't know who are guys on here. I changed my view when the OP clarified.

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 03:14:41

I don't, I miss interpreted it. As I said before.

If the OP had meant it as a threat. Would that have been abusive? (Hypothetically)

FloraFox Fri 04-Oct-13 03:12:07

sab said you don't get to apologise and claim you were right. It was obvious to everyone except you bale what context was. The OP didn't need to clarify. You were in the wrong even before she clarified.

Why am I left with the feeling that it was because the other men on the thread told you to grow up that you had a sudden change of half-heart?

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Fri 04-Oct-13 03:10:47

I said you don't get to apologise and still call the OP abusive, which is what you did.

I just want you to categorically to say that you don't still think the Op abusive - because I'm still not clear.

Yougotbale Fri 04-Oct-13 03:05:32

That was about 3 pages ago. You said, from memory, something like 'you don't get to apologise'.

You should sleep, recharge the brain.

I've got RSI (the S does stand for strain), good night

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