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UK Feminista Summer School

(10 Posts)
GoshAnneGorilla Fri 16-Aug-13 23:49:55

Is anyone going?

I'll see you there smile

KRITIQ Sat 17-Aug-13 20:57:32

Unfortunately no, sad But, from the lineup and tweets on the hashtag, it sounds brilliant. Hope you're having a fab weekend! Come back and tell us more!

SauceForTheGander Sun 18-Aug-13 21:14:03

From what I can tell via twitter it was great .... Maybe I can get to go next year ...

nameequality Sun 18-Aug-13 21:48:12

It was great. Met some fellow MNers there. grin

Will try and put some info about it on this thread in the next few days <DS permitting!>. In the meantime if you are on twitter search for #femschool13 and you will get a flavour.

The main thing that excited me was the number of young feminists who were 20 years younger than me shock.

EduCated Sun 18-Aug-13 22:06:15

Hello nameequality - We met at lunch! smile

KaseyM Sun 18-Aug-13 22:30:15

Hi nameequality - we met too!! part of LetToysBeToys - and yes it was great to see so many young feminists - especially Jinan Yunis and the generation F panel & to know that the future of feminism is in good hands.

Just signed your petition BTW. smile

nameequality Thu 05-Sep-13 15:05:10

Right I have been procrastinating about sharing some more info about UK Feminista summer school. Will have to post in short bursts I think but I hope some people will find the links etc interesting. This will be unrefined and a bit all over the place but I want to get this info out there!

The first panel I went to was "Building Feminist Movements Through Social Media" with:

Laura Bates www.everydaysexism.com/

Lucy Holmes nomorepage3.org/

Suzee Morayef - Egyptian writer and journalist

Rosie Rogers www.ukuncut.org.uk/

It was great to see Laura & Lucy talking about their campaigns. Laura talked about soon after she set up the website and was subject to lots of threats and abuse she stumbled upon our very own section here and got support on this board. After the session I found her and proudly told her that I was a MN Feminist!

There was discussion in the session about the use of social media to "change the conversation" - twitter in particular. Facebook is more of a debate space and a place to answer queries.

There was discussion about taking things off-line. How to include people who don't use social media. Plus the example of British Transport Police setting being influenced by the everydaysexism project.

Suzee talked about events in Egypt and how twitter had been used to rescue women by using live tweets to find people. The authorities in Egypt deem that women on the streets must "want to be raped". sad. It was very sobering and powerful. Read her blog for more information.

nameequality Thu 05-Sep-13 16:10:04

Leaflets I picked up:


www.newsfromnowhere.org.uk - a women's co-operative book shop - check out the amazing list of children's books plus adult books

shelve-it.co.uk/ - Birmingham based campaign to rate retailers on their performance re display of lad's mags etc

www.usingthewords.wordpress.com - project to share stories of surviving abuse

www.waronwant.org/ - leaflets from this group campaigning against the root causes of poverty and human rights violations

"Tax us if you can" brochure from the tax justice network

There was obviously loads of others as well. So a mixture of grass roots campaigns and more national campaigns.

nameequality Thu 05-Sep-13 16:36:59

My first workshop was "Lobbying decision-makers" with Shaista Gohir of www.mwnuk.co.uk/

scallopsrgreat Thu 05-Sep-13 21:48:55

Thanks for this nameequality. It sounds like it was really interesting. The social media discussion sounds like it was interesting. Lots of topics to discuss around that!

Amazing and heartbreaking stuff in Egypt.

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