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Feminism funded by the Rockefellers to break up marriage and family

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Organic100 Thu 15-Aug-13 13:56:46

For many years I always knew deep down that feminism had an agenda. It was obvious to me that it was a man hate movement, masquerading as equality. But not so long ago I discovered, from a man who use to be friends with one of the Rockefellers, that the Rockefellers funded feminism in the 1960's for the purpose of creating a battle of the sexes, to get women into work so they could be taxed, and to cause conflict between the genders. They wanted fathers out the way and wanted to make women independent. But when you think about it, many women today are dependent on the state. If many women are dependent on the state, then they're not really independent are they? What the Rockefellers wanted was to make women dependent on the state instead of their husbands. Look up on google, "How the Rockefellers re-engineered women."

DameFanny Thu 15-Aug-13 14:48:44

Ha ha! Made my afternoon grin

SconeRhymesWithGone Thu 15-Aug-13 14:49:08

What about Andrew Carnegie? He founded a lot of free libraries so that poor people could read books. Some of them were likely women. Surely Carnegie must take some of the responsibility.

StrangeGlue Thu 15-Aug-13 14:50:49

You get a cheque to be a feminist! jacks in job and awaits briefcase of bullion

OP how much do I get? Will I have spare change to give as a sacrifice to the lizard gods or will I have to give myself to them all the sundry?

Must tell dh that I can't be a feminist and married... I think he might be a bit sad

TheMagicKeyCanFuckOff Thu 15-Aug-13 14:51:11

Oh, great.

orangeandemons Thu 15-Aug-13 14:51:25

Anyway, good for the Rockefellers is what I say! Nice to know we have some of the richest people in the world on our side.

OddBoots Thu 15-Aug-13 14:51:38

Oh heaven forbid that the little women would actually be able to make decisions for themselves, it had to be men behind it or the whole of nature would be turned on its head, right? hmm

I'd love to hear your suggestions for how we should progress to true equality for all.

Chubfuddler Thu 15-Aug-13 14:52:14

I still want to know why rich people would want to create an army of welfare dependants

KateCroydon Thu 15-Aug-13 14:57:24

Oh I love a good conspiracy theory. My favorite so far are the Lyndon La Roche lot - they think that the Queen & the Fabians secretly run the world and Obama is a Nazi for bringing in healthcare reform. This one is almost as nutty.

mignonette Thu 15-Aug-13 14:57:42

If you skate around Rockefeller plaza anticlockwise, a giant black hole opens up and transports female skaters back to the 1950's where they can be de-programmed of all their uppitty ways.

Just to warn.....

orangeandemons Thu 15-Aug-13 14:59:47

Op has posted some words of wisdom on the " He won't get married thread"....

Chubfuddler Thu 15-Aug-13 15:04:01

Ooh please link

SugarandSpice126 Thu 15-Aug-13 15:05:11

"men are not as stupid as what the feminists think they are."

This is comedy gold. Keep posting OP!!! Fantastic.

orangeandemons Thu 15-Aug-13 15:05:51

near the end

AmandaPandtheTantrumofDoom Thu 15-Aug-13 15:07:12

He may be funny here, but it's less so on one of the mental health threads he is currently playing on...

HappyJustToBe Thu 15-Aug-13 15:19:09

I'm really confused now. I'm a feminist. I'm employed. I'm also happily married to my stupid man husband. Am I supposed to leave?

Chubfuddler Thu 15-Aug-13 15:26:00

Report him Amanda

Sheshelob Thu 15-Aug-13 15:40:24

Thanks for the heads up, OP. I'm a massive feminist, but I'm finding these bras won't burn themselves. It would be great to have the help of a shadowy international conspiracy to get some of my basic goals achieved:

1) Destroy all underwear.
2) Destroy marriage.
3) Destroy MANkind.
4) Repair OP's grammar.

So how does this work? Do I send a stamped addressed envelope to The Rockefellers or will they just appear at my door if I play Tracey Chapman really loudly and waggle an unshorn leg out the door?

Chubfuddler Thu 15-Aug-13 15:44:47

Arf at play Tracy chapman

grimbletart Thu 15-Aug-13 16:05:34

I am such a failed feminist. Husband and I celebrate our golden wedding in two years' time. So sorry sisterhood. sad Perhaps Oracle can tell me where I have gone wrong. Oracle?

YoniTime Thu 15-Aug-13 16:19:23

I also want to know why the Rockefellas wanted to destroy "marriage and family."

YoniTime Thu 15-Aug-13 16:28:37

I tried to find something on google and found this.
It must be their homepage...but they seem quite childfriendly...

Also wow new icon! Haven't seen this one before! cakecakecake

AmandaPandtheTantrumofDoom Thu 15-Aug-13 17:34:17

I have Chub smile

TeiTetua Thu 15-Aug-13 17:53:20

"these bras won't burn themselves"--so you need to apply some flammable liquid, and where did the Rockefellers make their money? OIL, that's where! You pay them when you're a slave, and pay them again when you think you're becoming free.

Stands to reason, dunnit.

FrigginRexManningDay Thu 15-Aug-13 18:14:18

Is anyone else thinking.....

Right about now,the funk soul brother,check it out now,the funk soul brother.

Nothing else to add grin.

vesuvia Thu 15-Aug-13 18:20:16

Why has it taken until now for us to be told about the Rockefellers and feminism?

Will the patriarchy sue itself for compensation?

Even before 1920, 16% of employees of the Rockefeller Institute were women. Shock horror! Could this mean that the Rockefellers "invented" feminism long before the 1960s? How did the patriarchy fail to see the warning signs? They were there for all to see.

Did the Rockefellers also invent communism, to make their capitalism look good?

We need answers to these questions. Perhaps a public enquiry, a royal commission or a senate hearing? Justice delayed is justice denied!

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