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Not putting the man in your life at the centre of your life

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BasilBabyEater Sun 11-Aug-13 08:24:35

I came across this really interesting article this morning and thought I'd share

Am still thinking about it so am not going to comment but thought others might like to mull it over too.

Portofino Tue 13-Aug-13 22:18:27

Feminism is not just about who does the washing up either. The wife work issue is just one part of it. I can "not put up with any shit" in my house too, but that doesn't help at work for example, or when I have taken food to a friend whose Dh has buggered off and left her in a foreign country with 4 kids and no money.

SinisterSal Wed 14-Aug-13 09:52:53

Stop insulting us Petey.

You live in your own bubble and your strategies work there, which is great, but nothing is universal. Open your eyes to the rest of the world. Then you may have something more helpful to say.

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