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Childbirth rights globally

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PeaceAndHope Sun 28-Jul-13 13:51:41

I've spoken about this earlier on mumsnet. I think that the rights of women while giving birth are an integral part of the feminist movement, and I know that a lot of you agree. Until even a few years back, these rights were thought to be limited to women being able to choose a home birth, a natural birth or a VBAC. I've always believed that it is equally a woman's right to choose an elective caesarian or an epidural, as long as it is an informed choice.

In the UK, I am seeing a more balanced debate about this now. Most of my feminist friends here agree that it is wrong to deny women the right to choose how they want to give birth, even if what they choose is artificial pain relief or a surgery. Her body and her choice.

Unfortunately, I haven't noticed a similar trend in other countries, particularly the USA. I have relatives there and so I visit the USA quite frequently and the attitude of the self-proclaimed "feminists" there really surprises me. A lot of them think that women should be denied epidurals and caesarians. They even think that women should be denied repeat caesarians and be forced to VBAC.
In fact, I was told by a friend that the American pregnancy forums will delete any post that speaks positively of an epidural and/or caesarian.

Americans IMO have always been more ignorant grin, but isn't this a bit extreme even for them?

I fully support a woman's right to have a hands-off, non-medical birth if she prefers that and I find it horrifying that women are being forced into caesarians or forceps without consent. But how will we solve this problem by denying other women their choices? The answer is to enforce an adult, sane woman's right to both refuse and request reasonable treatment while giving birth.

Some women want a medicalised birth and others want a natural birth. Why oh why can't we just leave all of them alone to make their own choices as adults?? And why does the American feminist movement align itself only to an all-natural birth? Doesn't that actually put pressure on women to do things in a certain way and maybe even set them up for disappointment if that does't happen?

For a movement with a motto like "her body and her choice" sometimes we sure like to tell women what to do with their bodies!

PeaceAndHope Sat 24-Aug-13 21:00:19


Continuing this discussion is not constructive for you because you are of the opinion that women should have choices as long as you agree with them. You clearly support the idea of restricting formula and childbirth choices. Since you know that it a terrible opinion to hold, you are simply avoiding the discussion. Not once have you denied my accusations. You've simply stated you don't want to continue the discussion.

Fine by me. I suspect I am a happier person not knowing your real opinions anyway.

AmandaPandtheTantrumofDoom Sat 24-Aug-13 21:40:58

I don't support those things and the fact that you've come back over a week after the last post to misrepresent me is a pretty good illustration of why I don't think that this is a constructive discussion.

I won't be posting on this thread again.

PeaceAndHope Sat 24-Aug-13 23:59:49

I've come back after a week because I've been out of the country and I have a life outside mumsnet. I fail to see what this has to do with the discussion.

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