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Being unbeautiful....

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Bumpstarter Sat 13-Jul-13 00:07:54

clip of dustin hoffman

You may have already seen this, but I thought it was interesting and wanted to share and have your comments on it please. Thanks.

BasilBabyEater Sat 13-Jul-13 08:21:15

Very moving.

And sad.

So many women dismissed by men because they don't measure up to their internalised ideas of a woman worth talking to - one they feel some frisson of sexual excitement with. Imagine if we never talked to anyone who we didn't physically fancy, there'd be an awful lot of friendships, relationships etc., we'd never have.

But what comes across there, is that it's men who are missing out on the company, friendship etc., of great women. Women may also be missing out on the friendship, company etc., of men who dismiss them as not being worth talking to, but I have a sneaky deep-down feeling that those women aren't missing out quite so much, because by definition the men they are missing out on, have been so limited by their brain-washing as Dustin Hoffman calls it.

TheDoctrineOfAllan Sat 13-Jul-13 08:24:27

There's a thread on her about DH, OP.

CiscoKid Sat 13-Jul-13 10:30:59

Dustin Hoffman is about to be drummed out of the Patriarchal Secret Cabal. He wont be spending any more time with us, having revealed one of our biggest secrets. He will have a lot more time for his new-found hobby of talking to poor, unattractive women. Win-win.

And thanks for revealing what we all do, all of the time, Dustin. Big mouth.

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