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AMAZON again - kids t-shirt - what to try now?

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DHtotalnob Mon 01-Jul-13 00:15:26

Sorry if this is not in the right place, but I could do with a steer.

Here's a link to a kids t-shirt with 'certified muff diver' on.

t shirt

The same company also has others like 'DILF'.

I saw this a few weeks ago and reported it immediately to Amazon. The usual response came back about looking into it. I never received a reply.

I also emailed the seller (SOUTH HORIZON) - no response.

I called NSPCC and they suggested Trading Standards, which I didn't bother with because of the jurisdiction issue (ie not a UK company and internet based). I also looked at the Internet Watch Foundation, but there remit if pretty specific and doesn't cover this.

So what did I do? I want to contact the police as surely this must break some laws, but I want to direct it to the right department.

Any suggestions??

YouMakeMeWannaLaLa Mon 01-Jul-13 00:23:29

V.unpleasant but reckon it's one of those random generated things i.e. not an actual design. Same thing happened recently with the 'Keep Calm and Rape Her' debacle.

I'll report it too.

I completley agree it's gross but it's one of the system generated things I think.

I wouldn't like it on an adult shirt either though so I will report it on those ground too.

Can you imagine the sort of knobwipe who'd wear a shirt like this!

YouMakeMeWannaLaLa Mon 01-Jul-13 00:29:38

Urgh, sorry, that sorta sounds like I support it, I don't.

Reported because these sexually explicit slogans should never be randomly generated.

IMO sexual slogans shouldn't really be used at all but I wouldn't advocate censorship in this instance (for adults).

I reckon people will avoid people have slogan shirts least I hope they would!

BoreOfWhabylon Mon 01-Jul-13 00:30:14

I've reported it too - if anyone does Twitter or Facebook (I don't) campaigns there usually get a rapid response.

PromQueenWithin Mon 01-Jul-13 09:37:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HenriettaPye Mon 01-Jul-13 09:40:53

Horrible confusedconfused

fanjobiscuits Mon 01-Jul-13 09:45:11

Go to the press, bet that will sort it pretty quickly.

ouryve Mon 01-Jul-13 09:47:20

Completely last for words. Have tweeted about it.

DHtotalnob Mon 01-Jul-13 10:51:45

Thank you everyone! Hopefully twitter (which I don't use) will kick up a bit of momentum. I emailed the co again, but not holding my breath (also poked around to find an address, but not much net presence).

I might also post this on the parents chat board ...........

PS: there, their and they're - I do know this stuff blush

Melpomene Mon 01-Jul-13 21:01:03

IIRC the 'keep calm and rape her' T shirt was removed from sale after people complained?

I don't quite understand the sizing, but it looks like this 'Porn Star' T shirt from the same seller is being sold in a youth size to fit 6 to 8 year olds. And there is also a T shirt saying 'my wife rocks' available for 2 to 4 year olds!

DHtotalnob Mon 01-Jul-13 22:26:11

Update: I got a response from the company.

They asked for a link to the shirt (or they could have just searched on amazon). They also asked where I got the email address I used as it wasn't one they published confused and then asked me to keep the thread attached so they could track it.

So at least it's something. But why is this allowed? Is it? Automation is not an excuse.

And good for you to those who left 1 star reviews.

PromQueenWithin Tue 02-Jul-13 07:42:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I reported this to Amazon yesterday lunchtime just after I saw the thread. I attached links to Tshirts saying 'shit happens' 'certified muff diver' and 'DILF'

What I sent -

So Amazon, how am I supposed to choose between buying a baby a Tshirt that says 'Shit happens' or one that says 'Certified Muff Diver' ? Oh, I know - they are both utterly offensive and unsuitable for a baby. Maybe I should buy neither. Please consider removing these from sale.

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