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Ch4 documenrary on sex abuse gangs

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YoniBottsBumgina Thu 23-May-13 22:31:31

On +1 now. Absolutely harrowing - wondered if anyone else was watching? I'm guessing it will be online later too.

Huge trigger warnings just in case that isn't obvious.

Can't type properly on phone, but it's coming across well, highlighting the reality & difficulties rather than sensationalusing.

YoniBottsBumgina Thu 23-May-13 22:47:35

The court stuff is absolutely shocking, in the last quarter of the programme. No wonder the conviction rate is so low sad

ElectricSoftParade Thu 23-May-13 22:49:10

I watched it and am appalled at both what is happening to vunerable young people and also how they are treated if/when they get to court.

Just shocked.

YoniBottsBumgina Thu 23-May-13 23:56:22

It's horrendous. I knew the court system was awful but I didn't realise about the cross examinations. How can we justify subjecting victims of any crime to this, especially rape? Especially teenagers?

BigBlockSingsong Fri 24-May-13 14:19:44

Were they all in foster care or is this different to the set of girls in the news recently, who were labelled 'wrong'uns' cause they were in care orc something, shocking.

I wondered if the wives stood by these convicted men,

YoniBottsBumgina Fri 24-May-13 23:41:32

I don't think they were in care, the family interviewed was a mum, dad + daughter and it didn't say they were foster parents.

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