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Would anyone be willing to help me focuss my ideas for an essay??

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lolilolilou Thu 25-Apr-13 18:07:24

Hi Everyone

Long time lurker on FWR, i'm trying to write an essay on the difference between male and female brains, from a scientific pov but also a feminist one. Sort of like 'Delusions of Gender' without just ripping it off

I want to discuss the research in the area but put it into context within society. ie when results arent reported properly it tends to sound like women just aren't up to the hard stuff like reading maps hmm

I've written something but its wishy washy and doesnt really get my point across properly. Anyone got any suggestions for how i could write something that is balanced but thought provoking.

Any help appreciated grin

racingheart Thu 25-Apr-13 21:06:03

Can't help at all with the material, but might be able to help re structuring.

Do you have a title?

Start by mind mapping the title if you have one. If not, mind map the core subject. But do it in a structured way, not free flow.

Take each key word or phrase of the title and bullet between 3-5 points you can raise relating to it. From those - do you have a reference to back it up or from which to spring you opposing ideas?

Once you have done this, read through the points you've got down and them number them in an order which flows.

You can use classic thesis/antithesis/synthesis structure, or see whether one major point can be expanded upon by digging deeper into minor details that support it etc. Once you have the order of the essay, start writing a draft. Make it clear and concise, but do explain each point in turn and back it up with examples, references or quotes on each occasion.

Write transitional sentences that segues from each paragraph into the next, either by summing up the sentence so you can begin a fresh point or by demonstrating how that section leads you into the next train of thought.

Finally, end with a bit of flourish. Be bold. Think of it as being a bit like a gig or a theatre performance. Leave them thinking, Wow! Don't peter out or stop because you ran out of steam.

lolilolilou Thu 25-Apr-13 23:40:01

thanks racing! thanks

that helps a lot, I'm fine with the idea but my structuring is awful! I will give that a go tomorrow. grin grin

LandOfCross Fri 26-Apr-13 08:33:32

I don't know anything much about your chosen topic, but I agree with Racing. I'm a university tutor and find short, sharp sentences among the long waffley ones are what grab my attention and make marking so much more pleasurable.

Be bold. Be interesting. Make statements, and then of course back them up with solid research.

I hope someone who know about your topic posts too.

Ullena Wed 01-May-13 17:44:56

Spellchecker is your friend, you can programme the dictionary on your computer so that it recognises unusal/technical terms, etc. And you cannot over reference - cite your sources as fully as is humanly possible. Never be tempted not to credit an idea that you are inspired by, even if you have completely rewritten the topic you need to acknowledge all materials used, however briefly. Also, be aware of your word count: divide your limit carefully prior to writing in order to be able to cover all of your points equally.

On a practical side, bananas and junk food such as chocolate and take aways are excellent brain food when studying...

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