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Psy - gentleman

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YoniTime Fri 19-Apr-13 16:43:44

Psy got mega popular with "Gangnam style." Everyone seemed to love it, I thought it was great too but at the same time we had this rounder middle aged man dancing with skinny young girls wearing very little, I'm just so tired of that. But well, that was just one video?

Here is his newest:

Is anyone else out there a total humourless grouchy feminist who don't find it funny when he is rude to those young skinny sexy girls? I feel like I'm the only one. Then he finds a girl who is rude to him but I'm also too humourless to appreciate that.

blackcurrantjan Fri 19-Apr-13 19:50:34

I read somewhere that gangnam style is taking the piss out of a really posh area in South Korea called Gangnam. It said it was like the Beverly Hills of South Korea. After I read this I noticed that in the video he is in spas and huge horse stables so it seemed he was satarising that lifestyle. I'm not sure what the new one is about but its probly satirising something else

YoniTime Fri 19-Apr-13 20:03:35

Yes. I don't know what though - if he tries to be an anti-sex symbol or anti-gentleman by being mean to random peaceful cute girls, then it's not working as a parody since guys harassing girls is a well known problem and not unusual and uppity.

blackcurrantjan Sat 20-Apr-13 15:12:46

He is mean to the children aswell though he takes their ball and the man in the lift who has diarrhea I think, he presses all the buttons so he will be stuck in the lift for ages. And maybe I am looking into this way too much but he sings "I want to make you sweat, I want to make you wet" and then him and the two women fall into the swimming pool grin Could he be taking the piss out of Snoop Dogs song I want to make you sweat?

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