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How do you generate enough anger to get real change?

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kim147 Tue 26-Mar-13 22:41:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LRDtheFeministDragon Wed 27-Mar-13 13:15:35

I don't know that generating anger is the only way to get 'real change'. Something that makes me slightly uncomfortable about that phrase is that it implies that more gradual changes that are hard to measure are not 'real change' - and I think they are. I think legal changes are hugely important, of course, but so are the changes in attitudes that happen over a long time.

I also think we can do with taking a leaf out of Gay Pride's book sometimes - I'm sure plenty of people were and are furious when they march, but they're also saying, 'look at us celebrating'. I think celebrating women's achievements, and feminism in general, is pretty powerful too.

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