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Night club offers free entry for women who 'expose their cleavage'...

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FreedomOfTheTess Fri 22-Mar-13 15:04:43

National Cleavage Weekender

It is a Daily Hate Mail article, I apologise for that.

To summarise (for anyone who doesn't want to open the article at work)

* Casino Rooms nightclub in Rochester having 'National Cleavage Weekender' from 4th - 6th April.
* Any woman exposing her cleavage will get in for free.
* Locals are outraged.
* Club boss Aaron Stone says, "it is a celebration of the female form. It is not meant to degrade anyone."
* He then goes on to say, "We are in no way sexist."
* Club has previously held pole-dancing nights with prizes for clubbers who stripped off on stage.


And people say there isn't still work to do to change attitudes towards women.

addressio Fri 22-Mar-13 15:13:09

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

SPBInDisguise Fri 22-Mar-13 15:14:30

It's also sexist to ask women to sell their bodies.

PromChickWithin Fri 22-Mar-13 15:14:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

addressio Fri 22-Mar-13 15:21:01

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

SPBInDisguise Fri 22-Mar-13 15:27:07

They are being requested to sell their bodies. And just because women choose to do it doesn't mean I can't think its demeaning, exploitative and sexist

SPBInDisguise Fri 22-Mar-13 15:27:38

They obviously think its worth it for the money

namechangeguy Fri 22-Mar-13 15:28:16

Well quite. Men should be obliged to show their bum cleavage, or perhaps allow a peep of scrotum to show? Then everyone can get in for free.

Cool - a club full of bricklayers!

AuntieStella Fri 22-Mar-13 15:31:28

Do they mean cleavage?

I've got loads of clothes that display cleavage.

Or do they mean tits?

SPBInDisguise Fri 22-Mar-13 15:32:13

I don't suppose it makes mu h difference

AuntieStella Fri 22-Mar-13 15:33:43

It does: even Her Majesty the Queen has worn splendid low cut ball gowns which show cleavage.

SPBInDisguise Fri 22-Mar-13 15:34:38

Agree. My issue is not with the display of cleavage, its with the request!

SPBInDisguise Fri 22-Mar-13 15:35:01

I doubt anyone asked her to show her cleavage for payment!

addressio Fri 22-Mar-13 15:38:06

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

namechangeguy Fri 22-Mar-13 15:40:52

Whoa there - no ageism please! Her Majesty may reveal the Royal Baps as and where she pleases.

KoalaFace Fri 22-Mar-13 15:42:44

The worst thing about it is I bet there are loads of women up for that. Depressing.

LittleWhiteWolf Fri 22-Mar-13 15:45:44

Ah brilliant. Show your cleavage and get in free, but be branded a tart for doing so.
Or object/refuse and get called frigid and a prude.

Yay, equality...

dublinrose37 Fri 22-Mar-13 15:47:40

I had a look through one of the free sheet newspapers that we get every week, local area stuff, lots of ads

It seems over the next month or so nearly every pub is having a Playboy themed night where female patrons are requested to dress up as Bunny's or just in their sexy undies for free drinks. Prizes on the night for the best costume.

I kinda have to agree with Addressio here, if there weren't women willing to do this it wouldn't be happening. Needless to say I won't be going near any of the pubs in question in future.

AuntieStella Fri 22-Mar-13 15:48:55

Perhaps they need to be picked by pedants like me with impressive (but firmly anchored) delecotage?

AuntieStella Fri 22-Mar-13 16:10:57

Décolletage, even pedant fail blush

TeiTetua Fri 22-Mar-13 16:14:35

Isn't there some anti-discrimination law that prevents this kind of stunt? I'm sure lots of blokes would gladly show their chests for free drinks.

SPBInDisguise Fri 22-Mar-13 16:18:38

where is it? Digging out my greyest, holiest bra tht makes my cleavage look lovely and saggy

Wishiwasanheiress Fri 22-Mar-13 16:31:54

Really? Down my way the girls have their cleavage out most days, not just nights? So do I but I'd blind u with milk production right now.

I'm sure I should be aggrieved outraged or weary, I'm just, well I don't know what I am tbh. It's already on show. The girls were likely going there anyway. The clubs just making a stupid joke out of those two things. Not big not clever just don't have much energy for this one. Sorry.

AuntieStella Sat 23-Mar-13 07:51:33

This story is on the BBC webpage now.

Incidentally, it's next to this one about how body image issues are being discovered in approx 55% of girls and 27% boys (teacher survey).

apple1234 Sun 24-Mar-13 00:34:28

I don't think the nightclub specified female cleavage, so is not sexist ?

And if it did specify women, then clearly sexist - not fair that men don't have the opportunity to get free entrance !

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