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Very powerful series of photos..

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Bue Mon 25-Mar-13 22:26:35

It's an interesting meme but there's absolutely no way those injuries are real, nor is it likely that someone suffering that kind of horrific physical abuse would have at the forefront of their mind documenting it daily and then holding a sign to the camera asking if they will survive another day, for a public service announcement. The video is discussed a bit here:

Now THIS is real and powerful:

BertieBotts Mon 25-Mar-13 21:52:22

I've seen people do the one photo a day thing before and they do look like that - I think it looks like an ad because there has/have been one or more ads which are made like that, but I don't know whether the injuries are make up or not. Perhaps she originally took the photographs for herself and only later decided to publish them as a video. It would be surprising if she made them with the intent of sharing because DV victims usually feel ashamed of their injuries sad

OnwardBound Mon 25-Mar-13 14:58:57

I also don't think the initial video montage of the woman's face is 'real' - looks like an ad and I think her injuries may be make up?

Still effective and powerful imagery though.

Throughgrittedteeth Thu 21-Mar-13 07:28:16

What exactly don't you buy Bunny?

BunnyLebowski Thu 21-Mar-13 00:54:26

I don't buy it. BS.

The second video is very effective.

tallwivglasses Thu 21-Mar-13 00:47:40

That second video (the men being forced back from attacking) was really powerful. It reminded me of the 'superwoman' fantasies I used to have when I felt powerless.

EldritchCleavage Wed 20-Mar-13 21:47:26

I like the way Laurent Garnier's "What about the Menz" post was dealt with. He said:
"Il n'y a pas que les femmes qui peuvent être victimes de violence conjugale et ça on n'en parle pas beaucoup"
(It isn't only women who are victims of domestic violence and that isn't talked about much).

To which Remy Potier in Nancy replied:
"..... et y'a aussi des poissons volants mais qui ne constituent pas la majorité du genre"
(and there are flying fish too, but they don't constitute the majority of the genus).

Exactly. Always bringing up the fact that men too suffer from domestic violence (and I accept completely that they do) is like insisting any time people talk about fish they have to mention the fact there are flying fish. Go Remy!

Throughgrittedteeth Wed 20-Mar-13 21:13:53

Kritiq definitely agree with that last paragraph, my DS will grow up understanding boundaries and respect for himself and any possible relationships.
Obviously physical abuse is easier to portray in this way, for all I know the rest of the website may be addressing other types of abuse but with my terrible French I will never know!

KRITIQ Wed 20-Mar-13 20:58:12

My French is also pretty poor, but yes, the images have strong impact. It does seem to focus on physical violence - images showing physical injuries became more frequent and more extreme towards the end of the clip. This could give the impression that domestic abuse usually follows that pattern (that's not always so,) and that it is about physical violence, when emotional, sexual and financial abuse are common and can have a devastating impact. Of course it's harder to depict those forms of abuse in a video of this style. If the aim is to get folks thinking and talking about the problem of violence against women and the need to do something about it, then it's good.

Doris, btw, whether one has DDs or DSs, it's really important that they understand the concepts of respect, boundaries and consent in relationships really, really early in life, building on that as they grow and helping them as they go to understand the wider context it happens in. It's really never too early to start at some level.

Throughgrittedteeth Wed 20-Mar-13 20:55:30

It's very sad Doris, education really is the key to changing things.
India the second video demonstrates for me how every day abuse can be. The men used looked like normal 'nice' blokes. The one 2 thirds of the way through taking his belt off made my stomach churn. Not entirely sure what the specific message is supposed to be but it's powerful none-the-less.

IndiansInTheLobby Wed 20-Mar-13 20:43:06

Very powerful video. The one below on the link is also very clever.

DorisIsWaiting Wed 20-Mar-13 20:00:34

My basic french didn't strech to understanding the words but the images are so graphic they speak for themselves , It's horrifyingly sad that it got to that point I have 3 girls and they WILL be educated on DV before they leave home (and know the door will always be open for them if they need it).

Throughgrittedteeth Wed 20-Mar-13 19:41:58

Although in French the website seems to be using images such as this to shock people into thinking about abuse.

Throughgrittedteeth Wed 20-Mar-13 19:40:37

Taken daily by a domestic abuse victim. here.
It was retweeted by Sara Cox but I really think it portrays how abuse can be so gradual and escalate very quickly. The courage of the victim is staggering.

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