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Awful horrible (possibly triggering) t shirt on Amazon Marketplace

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ediblewoman Fri 01-Mar-13 21:46:38

Please can we repeat the earlier success and see if we can get Amazon to remove this from sale foul

Doctrine mentioned it on the earlier thread but I felt like we needed a bit more focus. Should I post in chat too?

I have emailed already.

PrincessOfThemyscira Fri 01-Mar-13 21:49:18

How do something about this?

ediblewoman Fri 01-Mar-13 21:50:52

I emailed Amazon and reported it and asked them to ask the seller to withdraw it from sale

AKissIsNotAContract Fri 01-Mar-13 21:54:50

Bloody hell, I didn't think all that keep calm crap could get any worse. That's awful.

PrincessOfThemyscira Fri 01-Mar-13 22:01:52

I'm having a Live Chat with Piyush from Amazon customer services about this shirt now...

haventgotaclue Fri 01-Mar-13 22:03:44

I couldn't see how to report it so I have emailed them. I've also tried to write a bad review on it, but I'm not sure if they will publish it or not.

tribpot Fri 01-Mar-13 22:03:57

Un. Be. Lievable.

Who would think that was funny?

ediblewoman Fri 01-Mar-13 22:04:17

Princess, that's great. Let us know the outcome

PrincessOfThemyscira Fri 01-Mar-13 22:04:28

He/She? is very sorry for the inconvenience caused WTF? and has taken my feedback. It will be passed to the right people in the company. Alledgedly

carameldecaflatte Fri 01-Mar-13 22:05:37

That's awful! Hopefully it will be gone soon... emailing amazon now.

PrincessOfThemyscira Fri 01-Mar-13 22:05:38

I have asked if items for sale are vetted.

PrincessOfThemyscira Fri 01-Mar-13 22:06:21

oh, I'm now "on hold" while they check that for me.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 01-Mar-13 22:07:16

I can't believe they won't withdraw it straightaway shock.


MmeLindor Fri 01-Mar-13 22:09:54

It says that it is American Apparel tshirt. I would start with them

MustTidyUpMustTidyUp Fri 01-Mar-13 22:11:47

Have emailed via 'feedback' section.

Princesspond Fri 01-Mar-13 22:12:25

Bloody hell, that is awful struggling to see who would find that funny.

PaleHousewifeOfCumbriaCounty Fri 01-Mar-13 22:12:46

I cant actually believe what im seeing!

MmeLindor Fri 01-Mar-13 22:13:21

I am assuming that the company bought American Apparel tshirts and had them printed, so it is not AA's fault. They might be able to put pressure on Amazon to remove them from sale.

Can't imagine that American Apparel would sell these tshirts

ChipTheFish Fri 01-Mar-13 22:17:24

I went to right a review of this on the site. Typed in 'rape' in the search bar on Amazon to find it and was disgusted at all the products that were brought up. The t-shirt isn't something that has slipped through the net on Amazon, they have a variety of sick rape products on offer. Shocked.

ChipTheFish Fri 01-Mar-13 22:17:42


Fairydogmother Fri 01-Mar-13 22:17:46

O dear god that's an utter disgrace

PrincessOfThemyscira Fri 01-Mar-13 22:18:06

Apparently Amazon will like into this for me and reply within 3 business days. hmm
I told Piyush that the good women (and men) of MN have seen this and are disgusted.

Anyone for a pointless Amazon boycott?

Umlauf Fri 01-Mar-13 22:19:22

I have emailed too, and American Apparel to let them know their name is being used.

MousyMouse Fri 01-Mar-13 22:19:48

I can't believe tha this is sold.
is it even legal to sell something like this?

targaryen24 Fri 01-Mar-13 22:20:05

I also posted this on my fb page (a feminist community page...has over 4000 joined up so hopefully that'll add to the numbers reporting it. Surely they can't ignore a large number of complaints)!

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