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It seems like there's been a little invasion recently

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AnyFucker Tue 05-Mar-13 00:32:16

Threads like this are their raison d'etre, folks

As irritating as it is, best not to draw attention

Says I, who just bumped it again smile

Sunnywithshowers Tue 05-Mar-13 00:15:07

That does make sense. They're probably irked that us uppity women complained about the tshirts or somesuch bollocks.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Tue 05-Mar-13 00:11:27

Usernames are related to the tshirt delisting campaign, whether they are new visitors or lurkers using the opportunity to rejoin, don't know.

Sunnywithshowers Mon 04-Mar-13 20:42:54

Misogynists brought here by gawd knows what. They just like to stomp some anonymous women when they get the opportunity.

kim147 Mon 04-Mar-13 20:30:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sunnywithshowers Mon 25-Feb-13 21:42:14

It does get rather boring, doesn't it...

ashesgirl Sun 24-Feb-13 22:51:02

Yep, a lot of them about. They must feel very threatened by this board, don't you think? smile

TheDoctrineOfSciAndNatureClub Sun 24-Feb-13 22:49:00

Massively tedious, isn't it?

kim147 Sun 24-Feb-13 22:29:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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