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Awful stereotypes and prejudice against Asian and Western women

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AutumnMadness Thu 14-Feb-13 09:43:15

Sounds a bit like discussion of dogs - "extremely loyal, supportive" . . . Dream on, Asian lady lovers. I do hope that your mail-order brides get a US passport, then a job, and then leave you in the dust.

Bunfags Tue 12-Feb-13 20:20:35

It's really unsavoury. A man who does this is not looking for, or interested, in an equal relationship.

ashesgirl Tue 12-Feb-13 19:28:01

It is abuse isn't it?

MadamFolly Tue 12-Feb-13 18:03:36

Its awful, what these men want is subservient children that they can also have sex with. They can't deal with a woman who wants to be an equal so they go looking for someone so deprived that they will marry a horrible man who will be able to very easily isolate them in a new country.

ashesgirl Tue 12-Feb-13 17:48:14

Really great article challenging stereotypes of Asian women.

Western women don't come off too well either in the comparisons made on these dating sites.

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