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My 7 year old son has ideas that boys are better than girls

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MarcelineTheVampireQueen Thu 07-Feb-13 00:17:57

And I dont know how to handle it. Its often quite innocent, we might watch a programme and there is a female builder and he would say "Women cant be builders!" and of course I correct that. He loves history and loves hearing about olden time, we read a book that spoke about womens rights and I explained all that to him at an age appropriate level.

Today though, we are planning a party and he told me he doesnt want the girls in his class coming because they wount be able to join in. Its a sporty party, football, ball games, bouncy castle type thing in a sports hall. Its been a long day and I snapped a little and reminded him of what we had spoken about.

DP thinks I am too hard and am pushing the issue, that our son is too young to learn this type of thing. I dont agree.

Am I pushing though? Is there another way I can approach this? I often feel outnumbered here 2 boys to one girl and I almost feel the eyerolling after I talk to him about it.

AbigailAdams Fri 22-Feb-13 16:31:50

That was meant for sydlexic obviously. Autocorrect, apologies.

Portofino Fri 22-Feb-13 16:56:07

Dd (8) just came back from a trip and was talking about the girls she shared a room with. At Easter she is going to astronaut camp and I caught myself wondering out loud how many other girls would be going blush. Dd was nonplussed by this. Why would girls NOT want to go? I had to backtrack a bit.

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