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Did anyone else see Louise Van der Velde on This Morning?

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Darkesteyes Sat 02-Feb-13 22:29:48

I caught it on itv player after spotting it on the net. Shes the author of a book called Decent Proposal. She went on TM to talk about the fact that the relationship model is flawed. (at one point she called Denise a battleaxe which i thought was a bit harsh but the way Louise was treated on there wasnt great either!) LVDV was discussing the fact there should be an infidelity clause in marriages.
It was more the black and white attitude of the presenters that pissed me off.
At one point PS looked straight at Louise and said "just because you arent getting something at home does not give you the right to go elsewhere for it."
While i understand what he means and i totally agree NO ONE has the right to force themselves on ANYONE, i couldnt help feeling there was a little bit of mysogyny at work here.
It didnt seem to cross the presenters minds that you may have a situation (similar to mine) where the male partner has decided he doesnt want to even hold yr hand anymore much less show you any affection or sex,. It seems to be ok to belittle women who show themselves to be sexual or have sexual needs.
For a man to decide not to sleep with his partner anymore AND to say she cant go elsewhere for her needs to be met is controlling and cruel. ( my h said a few years back that i can but to be careful) but there are many women who ARE being controlled by their partners in this way.
it seems to me that the reason TM had this lady on the show was to make a "show" of the fact that "shock horror" yes women have sexual needs too!

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