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A CALL TO ACTION - misogynistic trolls targeting women. Ideas and opinions needed please for action group.

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THERhubarb Wed 23-Jan-13 14:14:33

Ok so following on from the thread about Mary Beard. For those who don't know Mary Beard was the target of hateful trolls who made some very vile and personal comments and attacks of her based purely around her gender.

This is not new. The Guardian reported on this in 2011.

Nothing has changed.

I want things to change. I proposed a petition demanding change. A petition needs 100,000 signatures before it is then debated in the House of Commons.

We could also organise demonstrations. We could blog about this, shout about this and demand action.

My thoughts are that I would like to see misogynistic abuse taken as seriously as racism and for these hatefull trolls to be tracked down and charged as racist trolls have been and still are.

I would like internet providers to get tough on hateful websites and for all internet devices to be sold with parental controls unless otherwise asked for.

I am aware others will have their own opinions on this and I am aware that other campaigns might already exist which we would do well to join.

So I'm really just asked for ideas and opinions. I am happy to set up a petition if one doesn't already exist but need an outline of what it is we are asking for.

Really this is just a soundboard for ideas.

LineRunner Tue 29-Jan-13 22:47:21

There are cases in the news all the time about older women who prey on younger boys in their early teens, and it's assumed by society those boys must have enjoyed it or been willing

What a load of shite.

I think it is horrible you would even post that on a parenting site.

THERhubarb Wed 30-Jan-13 10:29:15

And you don't think that abused girls also had to put up with the attitude that they were somehow willing? That they somehow enjoyed it? That's the crux of rape jokes and underage sex jokes isn't it? That girls somehow deserve it or enjoy it?

You have missed my point spectacularly. Yes there are hateful people out there who are always ready to accuse, to respond with threats of violence, etc but I think you will find the misogynist attitude towards women much more prevaling. Just scan through the comments on YouTube (if you can stomach it) and count how many comment on women's tits, arse, body shape, how much they want to shag her, etc. If there is a video featuring a woman there will be hundreds of comments tearing her to pieces and containing sexually explicit terms. I do not see men being treated with the same amount of vitroil.

You are grasping at straws to prove a non-existent point. There is no point in arguing with someone who has their hands over their ears. Yes boys are pimped out and yes boys are abused too and NOBODY is saying that does not happen, but when you have laws - actual LEGAL RULINGS that discriminate against women, when you have rape being used as an act of war, when you have religions that actively seek to discriminate against women then this is misogyny.

Trying to make out that men suffer JUST AS MUCH abuse as women is offensive. Go do the maths. Look at the stats. I'm sure you are not that ignorant to realise this is not the case. How many women are raped in the UK? How many men are raped in the UK?

Are men in India subjected to sexual harrassment if they use public transport? Are they gang raped? Do they live in fear of being raped?

No-one is denying that men are abused for being homosexual or that boys are sometimes kidnapped and used as pimps but what we are saying is that crimes against women are much more common. When you hear of sexual grooming it is more often done by men to young girls. I'm sure it does happen with boys but these crimes against women are MORE COMMON.

Women are targeted because they are seen as easy prey, because in some cultures they are seen as lesser people. It doesn't matter if that woman is married, or a lesbian, or underage - she is targeted because of her gender.

Chris Jeffries was targeted because he was the landlord of Joanna Yeates, yes because he looked odd but mostly because he was taken into police custody and the press put 2 and 2 together.

He was not targeted merely because of his gender.

Rod Liddle's piece (whose dw is a Mumsnetter) I did not read but again I have no doubt that he was targeted because of his views, because of what he wrote.

He was not targeted merely because of his gender.

The New Statesman reported that women blogging about traditional men's topics (gaming, politics, finances) receive much more vitroil.

Kate Smurthwaite has the audacity to write a witty blog. She gets abuse like this: "IF THIS TRASH TALKING K*NT HAD HER F*CKNG, TONGUE RIPPED OUT OF HER SUCK-HOLE..." as well as gang rape threats. When she contacts the police, they do nothing.

Eleanor O'Hagan writes for The Guardian. She gets comments from men who try to discredit her, calling her a "nagging fishwife" or "whiny little girl". Some of the comments got to her so much that she admits watering her opinions down and being afraid to express any feminist views whatsoever because of the abuse she would then receive.

Cath Elliot is a blogger. She is told that she is too ugly to be raped. She is told how posters would like to stick various implements in her orifices.

Dawn Foster is a political blogger. She is usually referred to as a "little girl" and told about rape fantasies men have. She got one email with her full details included; home address, telephone number etc.

Caroline Farrow is a religious blogger. She is told how she would benefit from "a good seeing-to" or how her mouth would be better used in giving blow jobs.

I could go on but you get my point. Rod Liddle may have provoked the trolls on one occasion by expressing unpopular views. These women provoke the trolls on a daily basis simply by daring to have views.

Do you see the difference? Do you hell. You still want to pretend that men and women are subjected to equal amounts of hatred despite all the evidence pointing to the contrary, despite all the statistics and then you want to turn the argument around and tell me that I am discrediting male victims by pointing out facts like more women are raped, more woman are subjected to domestic violence, more women are repressed, more women are targeted by online trolls. These are facts, not fiction. Yet you still deny them.

THERhubarb Wed 30-Jan-13 10:33:45

Here, read the piece by the New Statesman on the online abuse of women bloggers.

Men might get abuse for what they write but by and large they don't get abuse simply because they write. Women bloggers don't just get abuse after a particularly controversial piece, they get abuse every single day just for writing. That's it. Just for having an opinion at all.

I don't know how much more evidence I could thrust in front of you. Denial is a powerful weapon. It keeps us in our cosy alternate reality.

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