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Rape Prosecution Petition - Case in India (upsetting content)

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LittleAbruzzenBear Sat 05-Jan-13 10:54:49

The following is copied from who have asked people to forward this on:

She was 23, with dreams of being a doctor but two weeks ago, she was gang raped by six men, savagely beaten and thrown out of a moving bus in Delhi. This week, the still unnamed woman who has become “India’s daughter”, died of her injuries in hospital.

Namita Bhandare knows the constant fear that goes with living in Delhi, nicknamed India’s “rape capital”. Like others, she long believed that nothing would change. But the outpouring of anger and sadness now has convinced her that this could be a turning point for women like her.

The tragedy has sparked vigils and protests, and over 100,000 Indians have already signed Namita's petition to the Prime Minister. As the story reverberates around the world, being covered by every major news outlet, there's a chance for people in the UK to stand alongside women in India and help show the Indian Prime Minister that his international reputation is on the line if the Government fails to act.

Click here to sign Namita’s petition asking the Indian government to actively prosecute rape cases, introduce compulsory sensitivity training for police, and pass two proposed laws to protect women.

I hope I haven't broken any guidelines putting this on here, but women's rights, or serious lack of them in other countries, is something that upsets me. Even if a few MNers sign it would help. This is not a petition I started, but I was sent this today.

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