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Domestic Abuse/Violence

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Bobits Thu 03-Jan-13 16:53:44

50 years ago many of the problems discussed on the relationships board would not have got there.

Many would still be in their abusive relationships today.

Although sad to read/see, it is positive that many women today do post/ask for outside advice.
It shows they know that their relationship is not how it should be.

Society and Government legislation may be painfully slow,
But when a woman leaves an abusive relationship
She tells her daughter she will not tolerate being hurt or disrespected
She tells her son it is unacceptable to hurt or treat someone disrespectfully.

And that will last them their lifetime and counts more in terms of what they learn for the future that what society as a whole teaches them xx

MiniTheMinx Thu 03-Jan-13 14:18:50

Relationships board is a depressing insight into what women suffer in private. I agree it seems that Xmas is a bad time of year. The Conservatives are making a massive impact in peoples day to day lives, whether it be unemployment, stress of dealing with debt and the fact that so many cuts have been made to women's charities. Added to this they are skewing the benefits system to make it so difficult for women to escape violent and oppressive relationships. One step forward two steps back but forward we have to go.

AbigailAdams Thu 03-Jan-13 13:05:36

Tis the time of year. DV/abuse gets worse at Xmas sad. Thankfully, in the main they are getting great advice and practical help.

StuffezLaBouche Thu 03-Jan-13 13:00:14

Yes, here's to 2013 - don;t know if it's just me, but the Relationships board seems more packed than ever with women being abused in every possible way by these pieces of shit.

AbigailAdams Thu 03-Jan-13 12:58:16

Best wishes to you too Bobits. I am assuming you are one of those brave women. As you say everytime a woman escapes from abuse makes a difference.

Everytime an abuser is jailed and made to pay for their crimes also makes a difference.

Male violence and abuse must be stopped.

Bobits Wed 02-Jan-13 21:59:36

Change needs to happen yesterday,
But what we do today may change the future.

All the changes in society, don't come from nothing.
Every brave lady who says NO to abuse
And keeps saying it - makes the difference.

All the strong ladies who make the difficult decision to walk away,
Every one makes a difference xx

We are making the future a safer place for our children,
With everything we do today.

Love and best wishes in 2013,
May many more ladies join us this year xx

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