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"Potential Prostitutes"

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Natalie555 Tue 08-Jan-13 11:48:17

Copycat sites are a worry. This is so wrong.

KRITIQ Thu 27-Dec-12 21:32:10

I heard about this. Very nasty operation. I'm not sure how this stands in terms of intellectual property rights or defamation in the UK. It's a worry that there could be copycat sites and it increases. I suppose though, folks will cotton on that it's a scam and not pay up,or be worried so much if their details end up on it.

MurderOfGoths Thu 27-Dec-12 21:03:35

Article about this awful websites

Essentially this site allows people to anonymously submit other people's details (including phone number) and photos claiming they are prostitutes.

But to make it worse the only way they will remove people's details is if they pay the site a fee.

Apparently they do this under the guise of "teaching offenders a lesson". However it is fairly obvious that they are purely an extortion scam.

Absolutely disgusting. And yet unsurprising, prostitute/whore seems a standard label to apply to a woman who someone wants to get back at.

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