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'Let Toys Be Toys' Organising Thread - Part 2

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OneHandWavingFree Sun 02-Dec-12 12:43:19

"Let Toys Be Toys - For Girls, and Boys" is a campaign started by a group of Mumsnetters, to convince retailers to categorise their toys by theme or function, rather than gender.

We're inviting everyone to 'like' us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@LetToysBeToys) and join us right here for discussion and collaborative decision-making about the next steps of our campaign.

Himalaya has been hard at work compiling the information gathered by our fantastic LTBT Mystery Shoppers, and we will be agreeing right here how the surveys will be ranked, which retailers we will be targetting with our message, and how we will go about it.

If you think that girls and boys should feel free to play with whatever toys that interest them most, and that they shouldn't walk into a toy store and feel pressurised to conform into archaic gender roles and stifling stereotypes, please join in the discussion!

5madthings Fri 07-Dec-12 17:28:09

no idea newworthy but my link takes you to jump magazine which she runs doesnt she?

infact it would be great if we could get her on board with this campaign if she could mention it in the mag?

Newsworthy Fri 07-Dec-12 17:32:03

Hopefully we will be in the Independent on Sunday this weekend.

I have just spoken with the journalist and the hardest Q she asked me was 'when I have spoken to the companies they tell me that their customer feedback tells them this is what their customers want, how do you respond to that?'

I bullshitted said that I thought that when people say they find girls toys/ boys toys divisions easier they tend to be thinking off Action Men and Barbies etc... but when they realise that stores are classifying every single every single thing as a gendered toy, even the ones that are clearly not then they think it has gone too far.

TheJoyfulChristmasJumper Fri 07-Dec-12 17:32:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thisisaeuphemism Fri 07-Dec-12 17:38:23

Great response, Newsworthy. Better than mine which would have been, "Gah, people are sooo stoopid."

Thisisaeuphemism Fri 07-Dec-12 17:39:40

We could post in the bloggers forum - where MMe Lindor is often found - and say, anyone want to blog about this? - No prize, but lots of love?

5madthings Fri 07-Dec-12 17:52:25

oh yes if we could get a mnetter to blog about it that would be great!

ashesgirl Fri 07-Dec-12 19:47:46

AndIfATenTonTruck, pm'd you about admin group.

That was great response, Newsworthy. I wonder if they could actually sell more stuff if they stopped genderising. Ie. the market widens when you include both genders.

MerryLindor Fri 07-Dec-12 19:53:33


Sorry, you guys have been on my radar, but I haven't had the time to stop and find out exactly what you are doing. I saw that Jump! Mag had been linked to here - thanks for that. It went a bit wild today.

I would love to do something <vague> but am totally snowed under at the moment and working FT too.

If anyone wants to write a post for Jump! Mag, I woudl gladly publish it - if you could get a pre-teen to write it, even better.

Feel free to give me a kick and I will tweet/Fb etc

Thisisaeuphemism Fri 07-Dec-12 20:11:46

Ooh fab - we could see if anyone has a writing girl here and ask on fb and twitter too.

Well done for your response to that stoopid card mmeL.

Thisisaeuphemism Fri 07-Dec-12 20:22:31

I've just seen tricialo has post about ltbt on her blog - has this been connected to fb and twitter and also mumsnet new blog posts of the week?

MurderOfGoths Fri 07-Dec-12 20:24:00

Once I've got the website finished and up then I'll write a blog post and x-post it on a few forums etc.

5madthings Fri 07-Dec-12 21:22:50

thidis havrnt seem that. Csn you herr so we can share it!

Thisisaeuphemism Fri 07-Dec-12 21:39:58

I'm just checking with her - or hopefully she'll see this...

LadyKinbote Fri 07-Dec-12 22:46:31

Just appearing vaguely to say we need to keep plugging the survey to make our data as robust as possible. Total hypocrite who hasn't done a survey in ages

WomanlyWoman Sat 08-Dec-12 09:18:30

Just popped over to the 'Boycott Brands' thread and explained why I won't be buying any M&S toys this year, directed ppl over here. If anyone else is boycotting any toy brands this year pop over and tell 'em why smile

WomanlyWoman Sat 08-Dec-12 09:23:13

(in discussions of the day)

MerryLindor Sat 08-Dec-12 10:40:38

I mentioned you guys here - it's not a big article just it fitted in with what I was sharing so added a link to your Fb page. Transformers were my childhood

nickelbabylyinginamanger Sat 08-Dec-12 12:05:43

guy who did the article on lego friends
worth following him on Twitter and linking to him - he's got an interview on US TV tomorrow morning.

I know he's American, but if you can retweet some of the things he says, and some of his articles, it will give the campaign a bit of weight.

nickelbabylyinginamanger Sat 08-Dec-12 12:26:06

i need to work out how my space bar works.

nickelbabylyinginamanger Sat 08-Dec-12 12:39:25

Mme - are you on FB as Jump?
If you are, that'll add a bit of Kudos to the campaign - if you've got likers on fb, they might like LTBT as well smile

MerryLindor Sat 08-Dec-12 13:00:29

Have <liked> you on FB

ashesgirl Sat 08-Dec-12 13:25:53

Thanks MerryLindor! smile

And thanks Nickel for article and suggestion - will take look

Thisisaeuphemism Sat 08-Dec-12 15:41:19

Just noticed the twitter handle logo thing. It's great!

Here's trishawisha blog for fb.

nickelbabylyinginamanger Sat 08-Dec-12 16:33:08

the Science Museum stuff is all logoed in pink.

I think it's deliberate.
It's supposed to be taking the gender stereotyping out of science (by making the boxes all appear in a "girls' colour"), but the shops don't seem to have got it.

nickelbabylyinginamanger Sat 08-Dec-12 16:44:10

Is it just me that thinks the only positive thing about these boys' girls' toys labels is that the apostrophes are in the right place?

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