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Women earns 260$ a day by cudding

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Frans1980 Tue 06-Nov-12 16:43:27

She has a professional cuddling service in NY (she doesn't get naked or allow customers to touch areas where her underwear is).

What do you think? Do you think this should be banned?

SolidGoldYESBROKEMYSPACEBAR Tue 06-Nov-12 16:47:27

WHy on earth should it be banned? No one is being coerced into anything. ANd, frankly, an awful lot of people are lonely and isolated, and this strikes me as just another form of therapy. She is not offering sex. ANd it's actually well-known that people suffer if they do not recieve affectionate physical contact; the isolated are sometimes advised to book (for instance) an aromatherapy massage in order to be touched by another person in a friendly, non-sexual manner.

Frans1980 Tue 06-Nov-12 17:02:56

I don't think it should be banned at all since it's all between consenting adults, I just wondered what you all thought, since feminists seem to want to ban anything they wouldn't choose for themselves.

PeggyCarter Tue 06-Nov-12 17:03:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KRITIQ Tue 06-Nov-12 18:36:12

Frans, sorry but that was a very daft remark and makes it sound like the thread was started to provoke other members into a reaction. Not good.

I'd love to start a pet cuddling service, but I'm not sure there is any money in it.

BooyhooRemembering Tue 06-Nov-12 18:40:05

i'd start a baby cuddling service but they probably get loads of cuddles anyway. they're just too cuddly. i'd be skint.

hellsbells76 Tue 06-Nov-12 18:42:58

I only opened this to find out what deviant sexual practice 'cudding' was <disappointed>

SolidGoldYESBROKEMYSPACEBAR Tue 06-Nov-12 20:09:04

I must admit I initally wondered if it was about chewing people's food for them and regurgitating it (that would be a fetish too far for me actually). But I rather wish this woman luck. I think she's doing a valid job, just the same as a masseur or a counsellor.

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