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Victim blaming essay, help needed.

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TheEnthusiasticTroll Mon 29-Oct-12 23:12:38

I'm doing a social work degree and need for a creativity and empowerment essay any links to specific media representation of victim blaming. I'm thinking linking to a few current stories in the media related to female sexual victimisation.

I wanted to link in how cases are reported by the news. I'm not looking for anything overly intellectual, I have only 1500 words to make a quick summery in terms of representing "the other" and linking in to contemporary representation of "the other" having a voice and how representation occurs in a specific medium. The other being young female victims of sexual victimisation and medium being news reporting.

I'm specifically looking for any news, topical programmes or tabloid reports that spring to people's minds that may hint of victim blaming.

It's just a summery that will outline changing cultural representations and negative stereotypes. This will later link to a larger peice about user involvement specific to social work values.

Any help in pointing me in the right direction to anything recently reported would be much appreciated. PM if you prefere.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Sun 04-Nov-12 21:34:29

That is great thanks, I like the use of the case studies in that report. That will be very usefull.

TheBitchInTheHouse Sun 04-Nov-12 16:30:20

This may be of interest:

FastidiaBlueberry Fri 02-Nov-12 14:01:03

Swym, agreed

TheEnthusiasticTroll Fri 02-Nov-12 13:52:14

Reading back on my post I can see where I worded that wrongly, I said if that is how she felt. But in actual fact, Regardless of how she felt, her parents and the adults around her had the responsibility not to place her in such situations of being exploited.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Fri 02-Nov-12 12:44:44

And of course I recognise that the industry should not be exploiting in such a way, but it is the responsibility of adults to protect children.m

TheEnthusiasticTroll Fri 02-Nov-12 12:43:37

I agree thats not what I was saying, I was suggesting it was the adults around her to do that.

FastidiaBlueberry Fri 02-Nov-12 11:18:54

TheEnthusiasticTroll, it's wasn't Kate Moss's responsibility to protect herself from the misogyny and exploitative of a whole industry.

It is the industry's responsibility not to be misogynistic and exploitative. No ifs, no buts. Any blathering about it being her parent's responsibility to protect her from coercion, is victim-blaming. The only way they could protect her from it, is by not allowing her to be a model. That way, you leave the industry untouched and allowed to continue its abusive practices.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Fri 02-Nov-12 10:09:10

I have some journals and other literature too, I have found quite a bit now thanks.

SolidGoldYESBROKEMYSPACEBAR Fri 02-Nov-12 01:50:15

You could google a bit around 'feminist' 'anti-rape' 'safety advice' and 'parody' as there are now two or three lists on line of 'rape prevention advice' which are along the lines of 'Do not rape a woman just because she's there. If she's asleep, don't rape her. If she's walking alone at night, don't rape her.'

MerlinScot Wed 31-Oct-12 22:08:15

Maybe This and this one too can be useful to you. I'm sorry this are two links only regarding Scottish facts.

Good luck with your essay!!

TheEnthusiasticTroll Wed 31-Oct-12 21:29:22

If that is how Kate moss felt and that is no surprise she was not comfortable, why where her parents not protecting her from these situations. I don't like the comments as it is not only the responsibility of Kate at 16 , but it certanly is her parents responsibility and the entertainment industry to not place young people in similar situations. The male model looks equally uncomfortable in that shot too.

IsBella Wed 31-Oct-12 13:14:06

Hi there's a report here from the Daily Mail about Kate Moss and the comments underneath are just gruesomely victim-blaming:

TheEnthusiasticTroll Wed 31-Oct-12 00:42:44

Thanks Norman that is one case I was aware of and was thinking relating.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Wed 31-Oct-12 00:38:28

Sorry dueling not fueling

NormaStanleyFletcher Wed 31-Oct-12 00:37:53

I am really sorry for the Sun link


Willing participent at 11 years old?

TheEnthusiasticTroll Wed 31-Oct-12 00:37:21

Just watched that fueling, I can't pick out where he was victim blaming, other than exploring the reality that some young woman don't have the power to say to no. Was he not just asking about that rather than blaming? I'm not too sure. He also aknowledges the responsibility of others in such a scenario in protecting And asking questions.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Wed 31-Oct-12 00:29:30

Have just found that thanks duelingfanjo

TheEnthusiasticTroll Wed 31-Oct-12 00:25:51

That seems quite a brief report would need to google more, but it reminds of the oral assault of the 5 year old girl by her teenage neighbour where it was put down to exploration. I will look into both.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Wed 31-Oct-12 00:20:38

Wow that is pretty emotive Trekkie, that would be a useful visual. Thanks.

Trekkie Tue 30-Oct-12 23:35:55

Also this TFL poster here is pretty spectacular and used to be displayed prominently in tube stations.

Trekkie Tue 30-Oct-12 23:25:38

Try googling the reports around this case here

This is just the first one that came up when I googled.
Has really stayed with me as the most atrocious case of victim blaming, it upset me a lot at the time. Was reported across the media, including "lefty" papers, and the BBC, in a highly inappropriate way at the time, and even after a guilty verdict was delivered.

I seem to remember a lot of papers screaming about little girls lying about rape all the time, before the verdict, now I think of it. It was awful.

DuelingFanjo Tue 30-Oct-12 22:04:14

Alan Titchmarsh recently did a bit of victim blaming re the saville case when interviewing Coleen Nolan.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Tue 30-Oct-12 22:00:46

Thanks again for info.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Tue 30-Oct-12 19:51:28

Cripes, Hazle sad

Have you added her and her children to the list of victims in activism? OP, that might be another thread to check out:

HazleNutt Tue 30-Oct-12 12:13:52

Just from today:

Damian Rzeszowski, 31, snapped after his wife Izabela, 30, admitted having a two-month affair with another man. (knifed six people to death, including his wife and two young children )

'The state of their marriage was a determining factor in the defendant’s behaviour in June and July last year,' Mr Sharp said.'He could not face the prospect of a failed marriage. Rzeszowski had difficulties controlling his emotions and 'communicating his frustrations and worries' and violence was part of his character.

Oh, and snapping and being unable to control his emotions,in fact "Rather than flying into an instant rage, Rzeszowski waited an hour and three-quarters before butchering his family and their visitors."

But still, it's all her fault..

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