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Watch dog last night

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tiggy114 Thu 25-Oct-12 17:41:57

Did anyone see the atrocious comments from the rogue mechanic? I couldn't believe it. He refered to a young woman as girl and babe and said he do the work cash in hand if she didn't tell daddy! Talked to her like a creepy peado talking to a 10 year old. It was awful. He even asked her if she got a man to put petrol in for her!!!! I have only just started looking at femist issues since having my daughter 2 years ago, but i was shocked that in this day and age, such a sexist pig could exist!

Utterly gobsmacked is the only way to describe dh's and my reaction to that segment.

MrsClown Fri 26-Oct-12 13:01:34

I know, DH and I reacted the same as you. I would have told him to get stuffed if it had been my car!

Dh insists that I tell you all thathe wouldn't have trusted that mechanic, because the gas struts that should have held up his volvo tailgate had failed, and he hadn't replaced them. As he (dh - not a mechanic) replaced the gas struts on our volvo estate for £30, he does not feel he could trust a mechanic who had to prop his boot open with a broom handle.

I did try to tell him that he might, ever so slightly, have missed the point of this thread.

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