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Powerful women - Indy survey

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baddancingdad Thu 18-Oct-12 18:45:36

I thought this might be of interest:

Thinking aloud, for a moment... occurred to me that, generally, we celebrate powerful women. Now while I completely understand why that is, in British culture we are often rather suspicious of power - or authority, at least. Were a comparable survey to be done on the UK's most powerful men, I suspect that the list would include a great many people held in pretty low esteem by the general public.

Given the current disenchantment with politics in the UK, it seemed to me that a much greater push for female MPs - in addition to all the other reasons why one might want to do that - might help people re-engage with politics. However, this thought process started to come unstuck as I realised that female MPs seem to be just as culpable as their male counterparts to the sorts of actions that earn politicians the poor reputation in the first place.

Less likely to sleep with their secretary, perhaps... But then there was Edwina Currie!

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