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Who is this guy on Never Mind the Buzcocks? I can't believe the way he's speaking to the female guest

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aufaniae Sun 14-Oct-12 23:21:55

The actress from American Beauty who played the young girl (the one on the poster with the red petals) has just had the host tell her he wanked several boxes of tissues over her when she was in the film.

He then presented her with some pictures, acting as if he was a stalkerish fan. One of them showed him naked, with his dick turning into a snake, wrapped round her.

She said "what am I thinking there" he said "Fear, probably".

It was obviously mean to be funny, and not taken seriously, but crosses way over the line I think. It made me feel very uncomfortable. (And wasn't remotely funny.)

Is anyone else watching it?

roughtyping Sun 14-Oct-12 23:23:30

Think his name is jack Whitehall. Most of his jokes are pretty off. I cannot stand him.

HopingItllBeOK Sun 14-Oct-12 23:24:27

I just flicked over to see who it is. The host is Jack Whitehall.

Cozy9 Mon 15-Oct-12 00:04:07

He's a knob, I hate him. There are too many posh public school comedians nowadays, they are all over BBC panel shows.

wannabedomesticgoddess Mon 15-Oct-12 00:10:32

If you have to say shit like that to get a laugh you shouldnt be a comedian.

Havent watched NMTB for a while but there was a thread on her recently about Rufus Hound being disgusted at the jokes towards women while he was on the show.

I think its getting desperate.

MardyBra Mon 15-Oct-12 00:15:23

I didn't see it but that sounds like dubious taste as a minimum, and possibly some form of verbal assault.

I will have a look at it tomorrow and probably use this link:

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 15-Oct-12 00:35:42

I am not watching, but Jack Whitehall is not funny - ever.

SadPunk Mon 15-Oct-12 02:12:43

Haven't watched nmtb for ages, but there was a comedian on something the other night, Daniel something, honestly he was as funny as herpes. Going on and on about how cock was great and being gay was just like hanging out with your friend and getting bj's, how Women were shit and hard work and don't suck his cock just for existing.

It was hideous, honestly if he is gay, then just be gay, no need for the extreme misogyny. No, Women are not going to fall on your cock just because you have one, you complete cunt.

ravenAK Mon 15-Oct-12 02:22:56

Crikey. He's got terrible hair, even for a 20 something, & a reputation for nicking material.

NMTB is a tired, mainstream format, though - so an obvious platform for the less interesting young comedians.

DoubleLifeIsALifeHalved Mon 15-Oct-12 03:06:25

poor girl, she looks distinctly uneasy. makes very uncomfortable viewing indeed. all that prepared material and props sort of feels like stalking - i know probably the wrong word but it feels so purposeful and premeditated. And significant that the other woman on there (an aussie comedienne?) got virtually no camera time or attention. all very wrong.

stinimefdar Mon 15-Oct-12 05:34:55

wannabedomesticgoddess you are so right...desperate is the word.....sexist misogyny is now rife and it seems all these emasculated male clowns have declared open season on women .

Women need to make phonecalls and complain..these over entitled a$$* need to be sacked and new people engaged who have experience of really entertaining folks.....this blatant garbage is soooooooo yesterday ..

aufaniae Mon 15-Oct-12 08:26:51

Thanks for the link MardyBra, I'll make a complaint today.

I've never come across him before, I hope I don't again.

I looked the actress up, her name is Mena Suvari. She did look really uncomfortable didn't she. I don't think speaking to her like that was acceptable, not at all.

How old was she meant to be in American Beauty anyway, she was a schoolgirl wasn't she?

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 15-Oct-12 08:38:13

I think around 15, so JW would have been a similar age to the character perhaps when he watched.

I find it very sad that the picture must have gone through various editors etc and still wasn't rejected.

I honestly don't know if some men completely miss the point that objectifying a woman sexually like that could make her feel very vulnerable because of the inherent strength/power balance?

aufaniae Mon 15-Oct-12 09:43:19

Yes he would most likely have been at the same age at the time. But he didn't put it in the context of "I used to fancy you when I was young".

He was still letching over the idea of her in the film as an adult. Really inappropriate IMO.

Inadeeptrance Mon 15-Oct-12 10:06:41

I saw this, it pissed me right off and I turned over. Will complain, creepy twat.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 15-Oct-12 10:21:27

Ah, auf, I see what you mean now, sorry.

sunshineandfreedom Tue 16-Oct-12 09:40:09

Thanks for the complaints link, I was horrified last night and will be complaining today.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Wed 17-Oct-12 15:12:15

Sunshine What did you put in your complaint?

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