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Women's Cricket

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CricketCoach Sun 07-Oct-12 10:11:24

Just to let you know the England women's cricket team are in the final of the 20/20 World Cup.

Live on Sky now.

DilysPrice Sun 07-Oct-12 10:17:26

I was just coming on to see if there's a thread on this.

How about another thread in Chat with the title of "Go England!. England Women in Cricket World Cup Final ON TV NOW!"

(would do myself but am off out and don't have enough of the background to do a good starting post)

BedHog Sun 07-Oct-12 10:27:41

Yes, DP and DS are watching it. It's marginally less boring than men's cricket.

DP has met Laura Marsh a few times, says she's really nice, and surprisingly tiny.

avenueone Sun 07-Oct-12 10:51:45

Thanks for the post - I will put it on my FB.

kim147 Sun 07-Oct-12 11:39:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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