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Defence of Jimmy Salville Against Allegations

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EatsBrainsAndLeaves Tue 02-Oct-12 20:14:01

I am sure like many of you I have been reading the allegations that Jimmy Salville sexually abused children aged 13 and up. Moreover it is alleged that many people knew or suspected this was happening, but it still carried on.

This link takes you to a page which has links providing different information about these allegations.

But what really strikes me is if all of these people had suspicions, why did nobody raise the alarm? I can see that him being famous raises issues for some people, but for example on of the girls told the home she was in and they dismissed her alleagtions. They could easily have passed her allegations onto the police without any real issues for them. So why didnt they?

And why are some people falling all over themselves to defend him when the documentary showing the allegations hasnt even been screened yet? Surely they should watch it and decide whether they think he is guilty or not? I dont understand why some are so quick to defend a celebrity they dont personally know.

joblot Mon 08-Oct-12 22:31:03

It just was not talked about. It was a dirty secret. Now, society has it on the agenda always. Men still abuse but it is acknowledged, mostly, as such- abuse.

There has been progress, undoubtedly. But allowing gender inequality to continue keeps abuse alive in my opinion. That's broadly how I see it, though of course there are many micro issues, it's not mono causal. But I think sexism is at the bottom of it.

FootLikeATractionEngine Mon 08-Oct-12 22:39:01

Is it really that much different these days? Especially on a day to day level for young girls, with the phone and net stuff going on between teens (and younger) and situations like that in Rochdale, Oxford and Derby and elsewhere. Not to mention the oft spouted view of the JS victims as asking for it or money grabbing (wtf?) for coming forward now.

We really shouldn't get complacent. The bodies of females are still seen as fair game.

Devora Mon 08-Oct-12 23:01:06

I agree it still continues, Footlike... And social and digital media give it lots of new platforms to flourish. But I do think there is more of a language of resistance now, and plenty of people who WILL say it's wrong.

I'm not saying it's better now. Or worse. Just evolving manifestations of the same old same old.

FootLikeATractionEngine Mon 08-Oct-12 23:13:42

I dunno. I think I'm just despondent about it all at the moment.

When I think that if all of the incidents of sexual aggression against females were reported, the justice system would implode under the weight, I just feel like it's a losing battle to hope that women can truly feel like this is their world too.

Just sad.

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