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Little things that make me happy

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WidowWadman Wed 26-Sep-12 19:26:10

Today the husband and I went to look at schools for our daughter. When I looked more closely at the admissions form of a school I really liked, I noticed the following bit:

"Please indicate your title and how you would like to be addressed, so we get it right, for example: Mr & Mrs, Mr & Ms, Mr & Dr, Ms..."

Maybe it's not worth noting, but I was really pleased that they didn't go for a stereotypical "Dr & Mrs"

Himalaya Wed 26-Sep-12 19:33:06

V. good. No Ms and Ms though.....

MiniTheMinx Wed 26-Sep-12 19:36:50

No citizen either grin or Comrade

Did you like the school though?

twolittlebundles Wed 26-Sep-12 19:37:29

love that WW!

this conversation between 4 year old dd and a little boy at kindy:
boy: "it's ok to watch girl tv sometimes if you're at a girl's house"
dd1:"What's girl tv?"
boy: "pony shows and princess shows"
dd1: "that's ridiculous! there isn't girls tv, you just watch what you like"
boy: (thinks a bit) "ok, can we watch a pony dvd at your house?."

V sad that boy is thinking along those lines-boy is very sweet but has very limited world view from family. Pleased that DD1 had a view that was clear and simple, and that she shared it (can be v shy). Also proud that 4yo DD used the word 'ridiculous' grin.

MiniTheMinx Wed 26-Sep-12 19:44:49

DS7 had a mouse which for years trailed around everywhere until it's leg fell off. We replaced it with a toy elephant which he has called Elle. A few months ago he told me a story at bedtime.

"Elle is really scary, she is going to see off the baddies now, pow pow, bang......"
"what is he, the mouse doing DS ?"
"he is staying at home to look after the babies"

I was so proud smile

AuntLucyInPeru Wed 26-Sep-12 19:53:52

My DS (5) was explaining the game that he and DD (2) had been playing. Kings and Queens. Apparently the Queen had to have a lie down. She was very tired after spending all day 'fighting the baddie guards'. grin

WidowWadman Wed 26-Sep-12 20:05:25

Yeah, I know, terribly heteronormative, but I s'pose filling the form with every possible combination would be a bit much. it's a start though. I s'pose Mr & Dr could theoretically also be 2 dads...

(And I loved the school, but don't want to set my heart on it in case we don't get in, the other options seem ok too.)

FrothyDragon Wed 26-Sep-12 20:47:06

It's a start grin

That said, I'd probably have skipped out singing feminist anthems...

DS has asked for a pretty gender neutral selection for Christmas, this year. smile And he's recently out a pair of pink wellies for himself, and declared pink his favourite colour, publicly. AND he hasn't had a hint of "that's a girl's colour" off his friends who live on our road. smile

He's also recently added sexist to his dictionary although he used it to try and tell me off for telling him he couldn't be a mummy when he grows up, as he's a boy

Kashmiracle Thu 27-Sep-12 13:17:44

My DS likes dressing up in pretty much anything- dresses, pirates etc. My DD (who's 2) like's being a 'fireman sam fairy' with wings and a helmet.

My DS (aged 5) was playing with his police station playmobil and there's a police lady and a police man. The police lady was locking up all the robbers and the police man in the 'cell'. I asked why she was the only one who was free and had the keys, and he said 'she's the one whose always in charge'!

I really hope he remembers that!

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