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Anyone interested in writing for an online magazine for pre-teen girls that does not feature makeup, boys, horses, cute animals, pink or glitter?

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MmeLindor. Sun 04-Mar-12 22:27:51

Before anyone reports me to MNHQ, this is a voluntary, non-profit making blog that I am thinking about creating.

I am sick fed up of looking for interesting magazines for my 9 year old daughter that does not feature the above. Most of the comics/magazines are so boring that she flicks through them then discards.

Who decided that all pre-teen girls are only interested in stuff like that? I think that they might be persuaded to read a bi-weekly online magazine with other topics.

My daughter loves art, for example. I could see her loving a magazine that featured stories of artists, or history of art. Maybe your dd likes to read about astronomy, science, geography, or maybe you work in that field and would like to write an article explaining what you do.

We could have articles about technology, about politics (in a general way, explaining about the upcoming US election, and how they vote), about countries, people and how they live.

I would set up the blog and anyone could submit articles for publication. I would be looking to have two articles a week on set days.

Anyone interested?

workshy Sun 04-Mar-12 22:29:45

I really can't see many pre-teens being interested if it doesn't have makeup, boys, horses, cute animals, pink or glitter in it????

although DD does like cold play

but not as much as kittens and puppies

NotYetEverything Sun 04-Mar-12 22:31:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadySybilDeChocolate Sun 04-Mar-12 22:32:45

I'm happy to help. I'm a science/law nerd.blush I'd like to see articles which show girls here how other girls around the world live their lives. Would be hard to do without a travel budget though. grin

MmeLindor. Sun 04-Mar-12 22:32:46

Well, I guess it depends on the girl. My daughter hates those magazines.

She bought a fab French magazine that was full of real proper recipes, explaining the techniques needed to make the meals. It was like a mag for grown-ups but with child-friendly explanations.

A lot of comics are quite patronising.

NotYetEverything Sun 04-Mar-12 22:33:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MmeLindor. Sun 04-Mar-12 22:34:08

Hurrah. Great. You don't have to be a specialist. If there is something that interests you, give it a go.

animula Sun 04-Mar-12 22:34:58

Sounds good. There is First News but it is a mini-newspaper, rather than a magazine. And it's hard to find. <note to self, get sub for dd>

Could I beseech you to link to the blog's editions via Twitter when it's up and running, MdmeL?

You're spot on about the dearth. We've been hunting for just such a thing for our 8, soon to be 9, year old.

GrimmaTheNome Sun 04-Mar-12 22:36:50

>I really can't see many pre-teens being interested if it doesn't have makeup, boys, horses, cute animals, pink or glitter in it????

My DD certainly wasn't interested in makeup, boys, pink and glitter - might have been vaguely interested in horses and nothing wrong with cute animals.
But I don't think she felt the need for a girls magazine. Her regular mags are the Beano (still, at 13!) and the one that comes with RSPB junior membership. If she'd wanted more I'd have looked into the National Geographic kids mag or suchlike.

MmeLindor. Sun 04-Mar-12 22:37:32

Oh, all sounding good.

Someone on Twitter just asked if we could feature pre-teen writers - absolutely. Or teen writers. Or grannies.

I will start putting together a list of interested contributors, so if you could PM me and let me know what you would like to write about.

I have no idea for a name. Anyone?

TottWriter Sun 04-Mar-12 22:40:16

Sounds brilliant. My sister and I used to read the Beano, since it was that or the pink shelf. There really isn't anything other than the cartoony ones for children who don't fit into the stereotypes one way or another. Even the magazines "for boys" seem OTT.

I'd love to contribute something, but at the moment I'm not really sure what I could offer. My writing strengths lie more in fiction than non-fiction, if I were to be writing something regularly.

franke Sun 04-Mar-12 22:43:34

Brilliant idea. I'm talentless I'm afraid otherwise I would contribute something dazzling. But I'll get dd to read it if it gets off the ground. Dd is 9 and not girly girly at all. MmeL did you ever see Logo, the kids magazine programme on KIKA every night in Germany? Like Newsround but better. That's what dd likes, it's interesting, current and not patronising. Would love to see something like that in blog form.

MmeLindor. Sun 04-Mar-12 22:44:13

Fiction would be good - the short stories in most mags are grim grim grim.

Would it be better as a non-gender pre-teen mag then?

TottWriter Sun 04-Mar-12 22:50:00

Well, my preferred genre is fantasy, so it would essentially be short fantasy stories or a sort of serial. I feel like I need to look at children's magazines to see what the "competition" is like though - it's been years since my sister and I stopped getting any, and my DC aren't there yet (CBeebies magazine aside hmm )

TBH, I don't think you would need to promote it as either a non-gender magazine or a "non-pink girls' magazine". Just set it up as what it is. I'd say that by not having make up etc. in it, it would probably appeal to both girls and boys by default.

KatieMiddleton Sun 04-Mar-12 22:52:21

I write about hr issues... but I really doubt anyone other than those in hr or running business are very interested. I also write a bit about family and health issues. Again probably not hugely interesting.

I'm trying to remember what I read at about 9. I was at least 12 before I was interested in make up, clothes and boys. I was in the Guides. We used to set a lot of fires..!

I like the idea of something different to the terrible tide of pink and ponies. How about articles and interviews with women in sport? I understand we have some fantastic women's football teams in UK and hockey too.

I can write and I can get to places in London but I lack a specialist subject that would be of interest to the demographic. I could be a dog's body staff writer grin

Geordieminx Sun 04-Mar-12 22:52:58

As a female engineer I know quite a few women in men orientated jobs, or quite interesting jobs anyways.

An interview with them could be suite an interesting weekly feature... Off the top of my head could do... Telecoms eng, chemical eng, police officer, doctor, lecturer, social media advisor, translator,

I always felt like when I was at school I wasn't aware of the different jobs out there IYKWIM? It was all doctor teacher lawyer, type stuff.. It would have been interesting to get snap shots of different jobs even just to be aware?

I'm completely up for it. I could write about books and creative writing - how to get into it, how to think of ideas, inspiration, note taking, doodles to help remember storylines in your head, some techniques etc?

MmeLindor. Sun 04-Mar-12 22:59:59

What about some info about jobs then? I think that having a regular feature about careers would be a good idea. I do wish I had read (or someone had told me) that dropping Maths would be a terrible idea, so perhaps an article about how to choose the right subjects.

Any teachers about?

ninah Sun 04-Mar-12 23:01:30

I'd be up for the occasional art feature

TottWriter Sun 04-Mar-12 23:08:39

Given that it's an online magazine, perhaps a feature about online safety would be good? I know a lot of information I've seen on this subject (even that aimed at adults) seems incredibly patronising to me at times, because since my early teens there has always been a computer about, and I'm just used to how they work. I always think those things need less of the "what internet safety is" and more "why you need to be safe". Like pictures. I see a lot of young people posting pictures of themselves online, and I don't think they realise those pictures will still be floating around when they start job-hunting. And that leaves aside the other, more immediate problems those pictures can cause from unsavoury types.

Also, something about jobs themselves (as mentioned by Geordieminx) would be good. It's nice to have a window on that world before you have to start thinking about it seriously.

KatieMiddleton Sun 04-Mar-12 23:12:24

Umm, I don't know a huge amount about specific jobs. I know about management theories, employment law and good practice when employing people(!) Although i do know how to analyse data and pick out the relevant information and I have conducted interviews for a company magazine before so I have some transferrable skills. i.e. I could ask the right sort of questions (qualifications, recruitment process, training, duties) and the more fluffy best bits/worst bits of the job, most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on the job.

I am imagining this magazine to be the bastard love child of Jackie and Spare Rib grin

serin Sun 04-Mar-12 23:20:47

Salutes you all. My DD (now 14) would have loved something like this but she has weaned herself onto The Times now.

Bloody hate all that pink glittery nonsense.

Diege Sun 04-Mar-12 23:23:12

My 10 year old would love something like this. Currently into the Beano and Goosebumps books, fascinated with things like 'Creepy Magic', science experiments and the like. Not sure I could offer much in the way of articles (I do write but as an academic - political sociologist) Maybe 'politics made interesting' for a pre-teen readership? (a little bit like a Horrible Histories take on government??)

MmeLindor. Sun 04-Mar-12 23:23:40

Yes, online safety would be good. I wrote a blog post on that a while back so could adapt it and add to it. Good point with the photos.

Jackie/National Geographic/one of those cool music mags that I was too uncool to read, is how I am envisioning it.

We need a cool name. Maybe gender neutral would be good, and we could see how it develops. It should be feminist leaning, so articles about feminism but not shutting out boys.

Then, as Grimma said, it would be a magazine/blog for pre-teens. I think that there are mags out there that do a specialist subject, ie RSPB or National Geo, but I want this to be a mixture.

Is Dolly Mixtures trademarked? That might be a cool name.

R2PeePoo Sun 04-Mar-12 23:25:47

I'd be interested - history nerd with a DD in the target age.

What about little biographies of interesting/inspiring women from the past and the present? Those you don't learn about at school.

DH works in academia and he has several women working on his team (physics). He could offer advice and information about STEM jobs as well as which subjects to choose, plus we could get some interviews with the women he works with.

Music would be good too. Internet sites to visit for games/information. Book reviews and recommendations. Articles about self-esteem/self confidence/bullying/being yourself etc.

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