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Representations of Violence against women in the media.

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StewieGriffinsMom Fri 30-Dec-11 09:12:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emcwill74 Sat 04-Feb-12 11:55:43

Thanks cartimandua! smile To be honest I think the biggest battle to fight is not 'I want to keep Page 3', but the sheer indifference. I asked my husband's nieces (late teens, early 20s) what they thought of Page 3 and they looked at me like I'd asked what they thought of verb conjugation in Sanskrit and said they'd never thought about it. That said, watching the Twitter hashtag #mediasexism whilst the 4 women gave evidence to the Leveson enquiry was amazing. I do think there is a growing hunger for change - and not just confined to female voices! Since I started posting here Dominic Mohan has been recalled to give evidence next week in light of the sexism claims. Whilst I'm not going to get my hopes up that this is job done, it does show that it is finally being taken seriously, which is absolutely amazing! The fact this is even being discussed in a public arena, rather than confined to a few feminists getting angry in a meeting room shows a significant shift. I think there are good reasons to stay positive right now! That said, a l-o-n-g way to go!

cartimandua Sat 04-Feb-12 14:58:45

Oh, emcwill74, I do hope you're right. I also hope you can get through to your young relatives that their indifference will get up and bite them when they are older. Unfortunately, we are a tribal species and those who question the social norms will be browbeaten back into line, frequently by other women. It's just easier to give in and conform.

Nilgiri Fri 10-Feb-12 02:50:17


Not sure where to articulate this, but so much of Leveson is about consent.

Presumed consent.
"They didn't say they didn't want it" consent.
"They did say they didn't want it but actually we know they did really" consent.

The consent is about being photographed and watched and followed, rather than about sex, so I've been wondering how meaningful the similarities are. But this one's just tipped it over the edge.

If you have the stomach, watch a few minutes of Gary Morgan on Tuesday 7 Feb.

Earlier in his testimony (which starts around 128 mins), Morgan fails to understand a Q about people "showing they didn't want to be photographed, by their behaviour." He can't grasp what this might mean.

But from 154 mins, Morgan is asked about photographers trying to take photographs up Charlotte Church's skirt. And says no, but some slebs want to be photographed like that so it's "justified".

Asked how what steps he had taken to ensure the sleb had consented to this, he replies, "by behaviour" - explaining that going commando constituted consent to being photographed up the skirt.

I think I could take it if they said, "Yeah, we don't give a fuck." Instead they're falling over themselves to extoll the importance of ethical standards and respect for privacy, yadda yadda - and then squaring the circle with the classic "she didn't say No loud enough".

Apparently slebs - or anyone who catches the press eye - exist in a permanent state of consent to be photographed, spied on, etc.

Sorry, I'm not claiming this level of intrusion matches rape, but I'm finding the similarity of the whole language and paradigm rather disturbing.

emcwill74 Fri 10-Feb-12 10:20:02

I totally agree! I was shocked about that 'consent by behaviour' line too! It's along the lines of 'she was wearing a short skirt and had had a drink so she was asking for it'.

I don't know whether to feel cheered or miserable by Leveson right now. Jay made Dominic Mohan look like such a tit (pun intended) and if you search for 'Dominic Mohan' on Twitter there is almost universal consensus that his 'page 3 girls are good role models because they are natural and healthy' is at best laughable and at worst vile. But so what? Will Leveson actually do anything? I really believe there is an appetite for change right now and we need one coherent, cohesive, in-your-face campaign to unite all the people who don't like Page 3 but don't know what to do about it. I see these disparate voices shouting about it on Twitter and Facebook with only Turn Your Back on Page 3 and Object trying to do anything at all visible. But they are small pressure groups that most people won't even have heard of. This is why we need one massive campaign with people like Mumsnet and Girlguiding and the WI and any other big names at all, all shouting with one voice. I really think if we could achieve this the tide would turn. A few men whining 'but I like boobies' just wouldn't cut it in the face of that. And with Page 3 gone, on we go to this awful sexist culture more generally.

Nilgiri Mon 27-Feb-12 21:35:59

Fucking hell! Anyone see today's Leveson (Mon 27 Feb am)? From around 161 mins, Brian Paddick says that a 2005 report and recommendations on how the Met Police handles rape was watered down and buried.

Ian Blair had commissioned the report with the aim of making the Met the "best in the world" for handling rape. Dick Fedorcio, Met's head of public affairs, ordered the report to be given no publicity at all because "it could have been detrimental to the reputation of the police".

Cheers mate.

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