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Something light-hearted for a Friday night...

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LeBOOOf Fri 21-Oct-11 18:40:41

It made me laugh anyway smile

moonshineandspellbooks Fri 21-Oct-11 18:50:18

Love it. grin

Witco Fri 21-Oct-11 18:55:31

Wonderful, I could do with some of those wink

SinicalSal Fri 21-Oct-11 20:47:34

haha - mind, it would redirect womens' gaze too, we must be careful of focusing overmuch on the menz, her on the feminism section of all places wink

KRITIQ Fri 21-Oct-11 21:42:15

Ha, it made me giggle - the take off of a shampoo commercial, delivered deadpan. Thanks for the link!

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