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More Silly Adverts! Aaargh!

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beakinthebeeswax Mon 03-Oct-11 15:54:46

I have jusy seen an advert for tk maxx which has two women sat on a sofa waffling on about shopping at tk maxx, with one exclaiming to the other "You never told me it was this seasons clothes etc etc Oh my God Blah Blah....."
Seriously, you will know what I mean if you see it. I swear women are made to look like idiots more and more. Anyone noticed any other demeaning crap masquerading as advertising?

OovoofWelcome Mon 03-Oct-11 16:14:51

That Sure deodorant one where women are given jingle bells as a bracelet, "to make them realise how much they move". Beyond fuckwittery.

ecclesvet Mon 03-Oct-11 16:39:25

Not a particularly sexist one, although it does show a woman making a meal, is that one for Uncle Ben's (I think) microwavable rice. The one where the man has to tell the rice it doesn't have preservatives or something to get it to come out of the microwave. Everyone involved just looks utterly moronic.

beakinthebeeswax Mon 03-Oct-11 16:55:06

ecclesvet I know what you mean, these ad-men really dumb people down, i think. Virtually every ad is pathetic. Perfume ads. Has anyone seen the prada candy advert? It is totally absurd! It is nonsense and in one of the scenes she throws a man against a wall, If it was man throwing a woman against a wall there would be Hell on! And the deodorant advert for the Sure Fine Fragrances Anti Perspirant one? Give me strength!

ButWhyIsTheGinGone Mon 03-Oct-11 18:55:06

I apologise I can't do links!

I HATE HATE HATE modern adverts, but these are just AWFUL. Look at the one near the end that includes the mini-ad for "LYSOH" the number one feminine hygiene product, or "ultimate germ killer" as they call it....! JESUS!

As an aside - HOW fricking long has that dire Galaxy ad been running for??? "I wonder who it was this time?!" I understand keeping funny ads running but this is horrendous!

sloggies Mon 03-Oct-11 19:10:19

The one where you must not tell any woman about this mail order co, becuase the silly girls will then just swoon and buy shoes all day and night, and just seem to squeal, and have the combined IQ of a golfish...

HazleNutt Mon 03-Oct-11 19:41:46

ButWhy, the Mornidine ad! Stuff your pregnant sick wife full of drugs, so she can cook your breakfast again!

ButWhyIsTheGinGone Mon 03-Oct-11 19:51:07

That was pretty dire, too. And the "Don't worry honey - you didn't burn the beer!" I used to think these kind of ads were fake - made up for "humour," but they're NOT!!!!

KRITIQ Mon 03-Oct-11 21:13:15

Reason 114 I'm so glad I don't have a telly!

itchywitch Tue 04-Oct-11 05:55:06

Not an advert but there's a tin of baked beans sitting on my kitchen counter (brought by my housemate) called 'Man beans - hot chilli flavour.' Not sure if am amused by the name or outraged at the presumption women don't enjoy spicy foods.

beakinthebeeswax Tue 04-Oct-11 14:59:51

The Kingsmill advert, where she burns a hole in his shirt because he eats her toast. Why would she be so cross? Surely she would just make another slice? Why would a woman be portrayed as so vengeful?
And the latest fucking lynx adverts, where the angels fall and smash their halos as they walk towards the puny deodorant wearing man. As if the foul smelling stuff makes us cast aside our inhibitions and submit to some bloke? I often wonder what men really think of women.
Sorry for my bad language.

ImDaveandsoismywife Wed 05-Oct-11 13:52:04

Given that angels (the named ones in the bible anyway) were actually male (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, anyone?), I'd like to see the look on puny deodorant wearing man's face if they fell around him...

Sorry for the digression, but the idea that angels are skimpily dressed sexy women really makes me fume!

Lynx adverts are revolting.

beakinthebeeswax Sat 08-Oct-11 08:20:50

I agree, they are pumping boys heads full of utter shite.

RhinestoneCowgirl Sat 08-Oct-11 08:26:14

Mitchell and Webb have it about right here

NorksAreMessy Sun 09-Oct-11 21:07:29

Hmm, came here planning to start a thread, but beak beat me to it.

The Go Compare ads are pretty dire, but the latest one had me throwing things at the Telly. Woman invents wheel, but then drives into rock, so man invents insurance, swiftly followed by half dressed stone age women jogging about.

It's like beng back in 1970 all over again. I really could not quite beiive it was being shown.

Booooooyhoo Sun 09-Oct-11 21:15:09

itchywitch, i was eating a packet of mccoys crisps today and noticed on the back it says 'man crisps'. are they saying that their thick cut crisps are too much for women? honestly, the same with yorkies 'not for girls' i have never ever seen a food product labelled 'not for boys/men' or 'woman food' how ridiculous would that sound on a food packet?

TheSmallClanger Sun 09-Oct-11 21:40:29

There is food aimed squarely at women, they just do it a different way. Although I know two men who are chemically addicted to Galaxy chocolate, that is always shown as a girly treat food. Diet yoghurts, as mentioned on various threads here, are also marketed quite aggressively at women, although there are lots of overweight men, and men with the kind of minor stomach problems that seem to warrant copious yoghurt consumption in adland.

I suspect labelling something as "for women", when it has no male equivalent, and isn't a product genuinely only bought by women, would be seen as sales suicide.

susiedaisy Sun 09-Oct-11 21:47:36

I -fucking- hate that rice advert

PhishFoodAddiction Sun 09-Oct-11 21:51:50

I'm usually just a lurker on here, but had to post as that go compare advert has been driving me bonkers. Sexist shite. Also promotes the myth that women are crap drivers.

I hate lynx as well- was forced to use some of DH's lynx shower gel the other day, curiously I didn't have scantily clad women falling at my feel all day!

Booooooy- DD1 had some of the man crisps the other day- she's 4 but can read now and was confused. I just told her it was a joke. Women can't handle thick cut ridged crisps obviously.

Once you start noticing these things, you can't unsee them can you? I'm becoming more irate by the day!

I'm just watching pushy and proud, about mothers encouraging their daughters to have plastic surgery, be pretty eye candy and become famous for their looks. I'm in despair. A 7 year old does pole dancing for exercise because it's 'just gymnastics innit?' angry They are also criticising their daughters to push them into surgery, it's beyond sad. <sorry, slight derail and rant>

toptramp Sun 09-Oct-11 22:24:36

Every single bloody washing powder/liquid advert features a mum showing us how wonderful her washing machine and satin removal skills are. even worse when she's washing her man's shirt! Aggggggrrrrr!

toptramp Sun 09-Oct-11 22:25:00

stain removal sorry!

susiedaisy Mon 10-Oct-11 09:28:03

I also hate the new mr muscle one where everyone gets to enjoy the bathroom apart from mum as she is the one that has to clean it! Piss Off!!angry

beakinthebeeswax Mon 10-Oct-11 11:42:12

Phish I hear you. Pole dancing is assosciated with sex IMO.

Toptramp and susie I sometimes feel like women are set back 50 years by these adverts.

Norks we clearly have noticed the same drivel at the same time!

falasportugues Fri 14-Oct-11 19:11:23

vax.......floating around with a white dress on for hoovering? forget it. Hoovering is work even if you do have a vax (i would imagine)

buzzskeleton Fri 14-Oct-11 19:42:21

I get annoyed by that one about a caveman being the first to milk a cow - why not a cavewoman?

And why are there male-voiced cows with udders in adverts?

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