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5 ways to diss feminist writing

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Catitainahatita Thu 29-Sep-11 19:32:20

I found this via @womensweb

I thought it might strike a chord with some of the regular posters on the FSWR board.....

DontCallMeFrothyDragon Thu 29-Sep-11 20:02:28

The "isn't Y issue more important than x" is the one that really pisses me off. I mean, really. Usually comes from a man. Usually when you're discussing an issue he's run out of defences for. EG, porn, sexualisation of young girls,

Catitainahatita Thu 29-Sep-11 21:06:09

It's not mentioned here, but the argument that most gets me is the "why do you only care about women?" "What about racism or disabilism or homophobia etc."

When arguing this point recently I came up with what will now be my stock reply to this objection: "are there no women who suffer racism or disabilism? Are there no gay women in the world? Women make 51% of the world's population and are not a "minority interest".

Anyway derailing my own thread here so I'll shut up.

DontCallMeFrothyDragon Thu 29-Sep-11 21:48:22

Can you derail your own thread? grin I'd say it's an extension to the article, if anything

But that argument makes sense (yours, that is, not the one you're arguing against)

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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