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What do people here think of this thread?

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DynamicHipScrew Sat 03-Sep-11 17:11:26


I read this thread on another forum the other day, and have to say I kind of wince at the thought of such 'cutesyness', but appreciate that I may be overthinking it a tad.

I just wanted to see what others here thought.

PamBeesly Sat 03-Sep-11 17:57:35

Makes me vomit but it is Boards...

BertieBotts Sat 03-Sep-11 18:06:39

Mostly harmless I think. I might be wrong but I thought the OP was mainly referring to things that her specific man likes, little idiosyncracies or quirks in their relationship, rather than "ladies, let's collate a list of things that we should do to make ourselves more attractive to men!" though some of the replies did seem to stray into that territory.

alwaysonthemove Sat 03-Sep-11 18:08:33

I read it as one of those threads like what little things make you love your OH, or what little things get on your nerves, just the other way round. Harmless IMO

DynamicHipScrew Sat 03-Sep-11 18:17:57

I read it the same way as you, BB and always.

It still didn't sit right with me for a lot of it, though. It may have been down to use of the words 'tippy-toes', if I'm completely honest...

I am willing to accept that I may have overreacted on reading it, though.

alwaysonthemove Sat 03-Sep-11 18:20:28

it was a bit PDAish but that was the only discomfort I felt. I know people do disgusting cutesy or rude things with their OH, don't wanna see it or read about it yuck bawk but not uncomfortable that it goes on IYKWIM

HereBeBolloX Sat 03-Sep-11 20:59:01

Emetic stuff.

The rest of the internet is awful isn't it? Thank God for MN grin

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