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Women activists ignored, women world leaders unite

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Bidisha Thu 01-Sep-11 21:02:56

Hello, I wanted to put up an article that's equally about hope and despair. I was contacted recently by representatives of several international women's charities working at the toughest end of the spectrum of issues facing women globally: the fallout from war, military sexual violence, starvation-level poverty and more. They expressed their concerns that despite the fearless work that activists do - not just those working for charities but the brave women and survivors in the countries themselves - the issues affecting women and children in these areas are often ignored when it comes to international debate. At the same time I received information about the 7th annual Women's Forum, at which world leaders meet to discuss an enormous range of global, social and economic issues. The latter is not solely focused on the aftermath of war but I wanted to write about both sides of the 'women's activism' issue in a spirit of tentative celebration of the work which is currently being done, in whatever way, all over the world, to improve the lot of women globally.

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