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Women posing like models in public places

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Quodlibet Wed 24-Aug-11 13:14:34

Thought some of you might enjoy this film made by a Brazilian artist, where she gets normal women to pose like fashion models in public places and then films the reaction to them.

Himalaya Wed 24-Aug-11 13:33:45 you think it is going to be the new planking/owling?

queenofthemojavewasteland Wed 24-Aug-11 13:48:18

lol! makes you realise how ridiculous these poses, and fasion modelling, is, all those people going to check if they're okay grin

CRIKRI Wed 24-Aug-11 16:55:51

That made me LOL (and I so needed it today,) but it is actually incredibly disturbing at the same time. So many of the "poses" either mimic sexual positions, or make the person look like they are dead. I think that probably says alot.

tethersend Wed 24-Aug-11 17:00:40

The thing is, people were paying attention because the people were perfectly still, not because their poses were so ludicrous (which of course they were)

If a model posed like that they would get the same reaction; similarly, if a person stood still in any pose in a public place for that length of time, they would attract the same attention.

Sorry. Didn't like the film. It's a great concept, but could have been realised much better.

PippiLongBottom Wed 24-Aug-11 17:36:22

I had to switch it off it made me all clammy and breathless. I hate stuff that like where the general public are 'fooled'. I hated Candid Camera et al as a child. The one where the lady looked a bit dead on the floor really upset me and I had to fast forward through that one.

HengshanRoad Thu 25-Aug-11 07:41:10

Pippi I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way! Candid camera/Beadles About used to make me shudder.

foreveryours Thu 25-Aug-11 08:25:43

I thought it was awesome! Great concept, could have done with a little tweaking. The poses chosen were not the greatest. I feel it may have got a completely different reaction if actual models had posed. I did something similar at uni last year, where I filmed a friend just sitting in the middle of the pavement. Anyone that approached my friend was given a business card with a number and the words 'text me'. I had fun reply to these texts! winkgrin

Quodlibet Thu 25-Aug-11 08:56:05

I agree they draw attention because they are still - but I think that what the artist has done is draw attention to how vulnerable and/or unnatural and twisted a lot of the body poses in female fashion are, and how stupid they make a normal body look. I think if models had done the poses they would have got a reaction but it would have been a different reaction - we would have understood it more as an advertising image. The poses look unfamiliar on older, shorter women. The one of her lying in the flowerbed is deeply disturbing, but then why are there so many fashion images that make a woman look like she's been left for dead?

tethersend Thu 25-Aug-11 12:24:40

I think that's what the artist has tried to do- I just think the concept has been poorly realised, without factoring in people's reactions to others standing still.

But what do I know, I took a stuffed crow to the park and threw bread at it for half an hour whilst filming. <art school>

MarshaBrady Thu 25-Aug-11 12:38:28

The cafe one made me laugh, bag over eye. But the flowerbed one was a bit grim. I preferred the funnier ones.

kickassangel Sat 27-Aug-11 03:21:21

i think it would have been interesting to get women to adopt the pose briefly, then stop people who saw it & ask what they thought.

would like to see the same done with male poses from adverts.

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