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So much for the Independent Woman...

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BornSicky Sat 20-Aug-11 20:17:17

I know, I know. It's X Factor and I really just shouldn't have, but for feck's sake... a guy walks on with the aim of using X Factor to get laid and has 7 women's names tattooed on his arse...

Kelly Rowland's response: "I love the UK! I love you!"

Entertaining, no.

keep on pushing the sexism, keep on pushing.

veej29 Mon 22-Aug-11 16:36:02

You've just got to hope that at least 2 girls gave him the wrong name. When younger i often made whole aliases up when out / holiday.
I met a young chap once who i lied to then the poor little sweetie told me he was a virgin so i couldnt resist keeping the lie going so for the rest of his life he really didn't know who he lost virginity with on a holiday romance.
Is that cruel?
This young x factor chap will live to regret it i assure you, which is satisfation in its self. Also once he makes the next round they will crawl out the woodwork and be pictured in ok! Etc worts and all. Ha!

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