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American presenter apologises to Chris Brown (who beat up Rhianna).....

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Matronalia Sat 20-Aug-11 12:01:19


Fox News presenter apologises to Chris Brown and his fan base for a contentious tweet, but phrases his apology as an attack on Chris's behaviour towards women.

vigglewiggle Sat 20-Aug-11 12:06:22


sakura Sat 20-Aug-11 12:07:39

At first I thought it was brilliant, but as I continued to listen to them, I felt as though woman-beating was one big joke. Or as though he was casting himself in the Knight in Shining Armour role.

So, in two minds about that

belgo Sat 20-Aug-11 12:09:09

Very good.

vigglewiggle Sat 20-Aug-11 12:11:21

No, I think the strong use of language made it clear that the joke was on all of the people who have accepted CB back into the fold. I think it was very clear that he was condemning CB and his behaviour unequivocally. The fact that he was able to do it in a 'humorous' but not insincere way guarantees the biggest audience - which can only be a good thing!

AliceWyrld Sat 20-Aug-11 12:13:48

Yeh I had a little two mindness going on. I think it was the people in the studio giggling that did it for me. They were on standard giggle they'd use for anything. Men speaking out to other men about their abuse great though.

belgo Sat 20-Aug-11 12:44:19

I do wonder what Rihanna would make of it.

sunshineandbooks Sat 20-Aug-11 14:04:02

As a victim of DV, I liked it. The background giggling was irritating and out of place, but I didn't feel it detracted from what he was saying. I don't care if his motivation was more-than-a-little self-serving, his message was very clear. Good for him, I say! smile

posterofawolef Sat 20-Aug-11 14:11:52

I think he made it pretty clear that he was laughing at Chris Brown and roundly condemning DV. Excellent stuff.

I think the giggling was about their discomfort at this media taboo subject being broached with humour. Which is annoying.

Catslikehats Sat 20-Aug-11 14:13:39

I thought it was very funny, I think Levy makes it quite clear that DV is deplorable and he is ridiculing both CB and those arms of he media that have chosen to ignore what he did.

BTW there is also a thread on this in AIBU smile

franke Sat 20-Aug-11 15:01:03

I've watched this a couple of times to see if I get a different undercurrent, but no, imo Levy is genuinely condemning DV. In one of his final statements he becomes less sarcastic and more direct, describing the rehab of CB by the media as if nothing ever happened as "disgusting".

The laughing in the background is annoying and I think the piece would have had even more impact if they'd kept quiet.

Surprised it came from Fox News...

skrumle Sat 20-Aug-11 17:06:21

i actually did laugh at loud at his final "what is he really guilty of comment". i think it was a good piece overall.

DontCallMeFrothyDragon Sat 20-Aug-11 18:55:26

Studio laughing aside, I loved it. This isn't Levy making light of DV, it's Levy doing his damn best to point out that DV is unacceptable. He's also pointing out the media are guilty of excusing DV for the sake of a singer. I agree with him 100%

Avinalarf Sat 20-Aug-11 18:58:20

Very good.

ThePosieParker Sat 20-Aug-11 20:49:02

I feel awful but love his new song, with Bieber (I bleach my ears but I can hear it)....I won't buy it.

ThePosieParker Sat 20-Aug-11 20:54:10

I heard it not knowing it was him......but that apology was very very funny.

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Sat 20-Aug-11 20:57:15

I wanted to applaud Levy. A very smart, direct and definite condemnation of Brown and his actions.

Meglet Sat 20-Aug-11 21:00:05

I liked it. He was tearing into CB.

And WTF is Bieber doing with him confused. Way to go for a great example to young girls there sad.

ThePosieParker Sat 20-Aug-11 21:03:03

CB must have cracking management and Bieber piss poor.

Indaba Sun 21-Aug-11 20:34:20

The only time I have approved of anything on Fox News!

sakura Mon 22-Aug-11 02:53:49

yes, better to bring the subject up-as Levy did- than brush it under the carpet. Just wish it had been without all the background giggling and sort of making light of it all. Didn't like the "knight in shining armour connotations" either.

What what the hell. Beggars can't be choosers, and women have got to grab any crumbs that are thrown at them. I'd say Levy threw us a few crumbs this time, which is more than other men are willing to do, so yes: well done Levy!

MrsPollifaxInnocentTourist Mon 22-Aug-11 14:10:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Meglet Mon 22-Aug-11 18:13:55

I didn't think the background giggling was making fun of it. To me it seemed to be more of a "ohymyfuckingGodIhopehetoldthelawyerhe'sdoingthis". You can just imagine CB finding grounds to sue them for it if he hadn't.

HeifferunderConstruction Mon 22-Aug-11 20:06:03

Thats great , I think the fact a man is saying it too you don't often see that you cn see like vieled rage on his face

MrsPollifaxInnocentTourist Mon 22-Aug-11 22:23:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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