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Great things feminism has done for me

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vadasultenfuss Tue 16-Aug-11 00:47:27

Thought we could do with a thread about celebrating all the fantastic ways feminism has enhanced our lives.

Here goes:

Enabled me to get an academic education at school and enter university
Gave me the freedom to leave home and live as a single independent woman
Allowed me to vote
To open my own bank account, control my own finances, take out a mortgage and buy a home without needing anyone else's permission
Saved me from a potential shotgun marriage to someone I didn't love
Given me full parental rights over my children

The list goes on but those are the main ones.

Anyone else?

DontCallMeFrothyDragon Tue 16-Aug-11 01:03:22

Given me the right to vote.
Given me the right to a full education.
Given me the right not to marry someone just for being the father of my DS.
Given me the ability to open a solo bank account.
Given me the ability to leave an abusive relationship.
Given me the ability to return to university as a lone parent
Given me a title that means I don't have to disclose my marital status to anyone. (I'm a proud Ms, and get quite annoyed when people question it...)

jennyvstheworld Tue 16-Aug-11 04:37:14

Allowed me to be a normal person and to be notable for my own merits without the validation of a husband.

TanteAC Tue 16-Aug-11 08:09:08

Given me a brilliant education
Given me the vote
Given me the ability to express my opinions
Given me the opportunity to have friends of both genders
Given me the right to live and travel alone
Allowed me to have bank account/mortgage/entitlement to inheritance or savings, etc
Given me contraception and therefore control over my sex life
Allowed me to have a sex life with more than one person grin
Alllowed me to dress/act/debate as I wish
Given me high and equal expectations of what I expect from my career and home life
Freed me from being solely responsible for household tasks
Given me the possibility of maternity leave and the same career to return to
Allowed me to choose the 'port, cigars and politics' apres dinner entertainment, rather than retiring with the laydeeez (ok, so I don't actually live in the 19th century grin)
Asked thing of me - has given me equal responsibility for household bills, changing the car tyre, doing something about political choices I am unhappy with, etc This expectation gives me my place in the world.
Given me the opportunity to file for divorce on my own terms (hopefully won't need this!)

And the most interesting point, when I think of it - it has allowed me to do all of these things without having to be an 'alternative' person, iyswim. In the past there of course have been women who lived alone, talked politics, earned their own living. But they had to choose a different route and were seen as an oddity or novelty, and had to give up a lot of the traditional privileges.

Thanks to feminism changing the norms, I can be a completely boring, average person (get married, pretty standard job, nothing wildly exciting about me or my life!) and enjoy all the above 'privileges'. I didn't have to fight for what I have, I just expect it. And I know that's because other people in the past have fought for these things for me. I hope that the next generation will casually expect things hat we have fought for - that is success!

I am saying this very inelegantly,but you get the gist?

vadasultenfuss Tue 16-Aug-11 19:21:27

Yes I'm sure there is some quote about how what one generation fights for, the next takes for granted (in a goid way).

afussyphase Tue 16-Aug-11 19:52:14

When my mother had my older brother (ie late 60s!), the idea that women could choose children vs a career was seen as the pinnacle of liberation. Having both, as she did, was not an option anyone really thought about. No paid maternity leave, etc etc. She also once heard a discussion on the radio about whether women should be allowed to do construction-type jobs. The consensus that came out on the programme was that women shouldn't, because it might make them less desirable to men! Everyone seemed to think that was it: case closed. She called and explained that (in her view), the point of existence for women could, and should, go beyond how attractive one was to a man. Also, some years earlier when she did her undergraduate degree, women were not allowed to be members of the History club because they might distract the men, and women had to wear skirts to uni. This was Canada in the early 60s. It's hard to imagine. But it totally points out how much norms have changed, and how much we have earlier feminists to thank.

msbuggywinkle Tue 16-Aug-11 21:14:29

Given me the ability to be an accepted member of society while having babies with someone I am not married to - my Gran was born in a Magdalen laundry.

Improved my relationship with DP.

Led me to meeting all kinds of interesting women I might not have met otherwise.

Affected the way I parent (I have 3 DDs)

TanteAC Wed 17-Aug-11 12:54:15

Yes, afussyphase that's exactly what I mean. If I have a daughter, I would love to envisage her just totally taking for granted lots of things that we fight for today.

Not the same as being complacent or ungrateful, iyswim

ElephantsAndMiasmas Wed 17-Aug-11 18:34:31

Given me the opportunity to go to school, then to university and to receive my degree (unlike some octogenarians I know who had to go back and pick theirs up 40 years late when their alma mater was finally good enough to permit them to despite the fact that they had <gasp> vaginas).

Given me the chance to apply for and get jobs not traditionally reserved for women.

Given me the vote, which I have used to keep out some nasty bastards smile

Taught me that the casual sexual assaults and verbal attacks I have received in the street are not my fault, they are an attempt by morons to mark their territory and keep women afraid. This means I walk down the street with my head high, rather than cowering in a don't-hurt-me fashion. The streets are mine too, godammit.

Made contraception available, meaning that despite having a varyingly active sex life for nearly a decade, I don't have ANY children at all, rather than the 8-10 I could have otherwise expected.

Given me the right to marry knowing that my rights, property and very existence will not be signed over to my husband.

And, of course, brought me in touch with some fabulous women - oh, and helped me find somewhere to live!

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