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"Margaret' on BBC3 last night

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howdidthishappenthen Fri 05-Aug-11 07:18:13

Did anyone else see this last night? Irrespective of your views on her politics, I was infuriated by the constant references to her 'mothering' the men around her (checking if cabinet members had all eaten before a meeting, and offering food from her freezer, buffing her sons shoes etc) and getting all teary and choked all the bloody time.

The woman was a meglomaniac workaholic ffs! She got to the top in the single most sexist profession there is, and stayed there for 11 years. Please please PLEASE tell me there are others on this forum who can't imagine that a woman achieving this would also spend half her time sobbing in meetings and having teary introspective confessionals with the house-hold staff!

*Please don't leap on this and comment on her politics - am reviewing from a feminist viewpoint only!

EdithWeston Fri 05-Aug-11 07:32:47

Does anyone know if that behaviour was a reflection of what she actually did, or an invention by the scriptwriters? (Just thinking of Albright and yogurt - or was that urban myth).

Much of what is written about her is pure invention, and the persistent "demonisation" is remarkable, unprecedented and sexist (favourite example - reaction to "Thatcher, milk snatcher" when the abolition of free school milk began under the previous Labour regime - I know, I was there, and it's checkable on line). It is of course very convenient to keep the exaggerated hate of Thatcher going - especially if it can be successfully handed between generations - definitely keeps women in the it place.

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