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What to do when you've hit the glass ceiling

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Bidisha Sun 24-Jul-11 02:11:34

Any ideas? Maria Williams, an executive producer in radio, has begun a new initiative called Sound Women, aimed at creating a network of women ingreat radio, who support each other. But how can we turn these dreadful statistics around. I've posted this link here in case anyone listening to the radio or watching TV has felt the same frustration. What can we do?

One thing I would love listeners (who I know notice these things) to do is email in and complain, point out under-representation, make the response public, suggest so many female alternatives for guests and speakers that the old 'there aren't any women' argument simply falls flat...

HerBeX Mon 25-Jul-11 00:34:44

The only thing I can think of is to e-mail and complain. I noticed on feedback today one woman had complained about the dominance of men on the Today Programme and I was pleased that someone had pointed it out and it was addressed (how it was addressed I don't know as someone phoned in the middle of it).

The other thing is to maybe set up some sort of tally on a specially made blog, getting people to e-mail in their media consumption - so the Today programme, 2 blokes interviewed 6 other blokes and 1 female, 1 bloke going on about God, 1 bloke going on about sport, followed by 2 blokes talking aobut the Choice or whatever, then Woman's Hour etc. - or Radio 2, one bloke with a male sidekick and female newsreader, or Radio 1, one fat unfunny bloke, or local radio, one old bloke who is the senior partner with much younger junior partner woman, etc. maybe to do a tally over an average week/ month/ year of how many women's voices are heard in the media compared to men and in what capacity (interviewers, fluffy stuff, etc.) and to post the weekly results on Facebook or something

Quodlibet Tue 26-Jul-11 21:25:47

That's a really good idea HerBex. It would be good to instantly see how TV/radio channels compare in equality stakes.

It could include films which pass/fail the Bechdel test too.

sakura Wed 27-Jul-11 13:39:57

I've just read the article. I'm so glad Bidisha spoke out on these issues. A lone voice in the wilderness.
If it makes her feel any better, I think it's better to go down fighting, like she did, than have a long fruitiful career as a peacefull token zombee
Can't believe they've done that to her. That woman can WRITE

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