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Quick quick, Carrrie is on Jeremy Vine, radio 2 NOW

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HerBeX Wed 13-Jul-11 13:11:38

Talking about Nick Clegg doing the school run...

HerBeX Wed 13-Jul-11 13:13:01

Fucking arsehole has already used the word Henpecked.

OMG, you participate in bringing up your children and that means you're henpecked.

And we don't need feminism...

Tuppenyrice Wed 13-Jul-11 13:13:57

Call in

sunshineandbooks Wed 13-Jul-11 13:58:00

Who is Carrrie?

I listened to Nick Clegg on Radio 4 a few months back. Though I could quite cheerfully shoot him for his betrayal of the Lib Dem manifesto, he actually went up a bit in my estimation. The way he talked about Miriam GD was lovely. He clearly respects her and considers her in every way his equal. He said on numerous occasions in the interview that it would not be possible for him to be where he is without her help and the fact that she has taken on "more than her fair share" of the domestic side.

champagnesupernova Wed 13-Jul-11 14:05:35


HerBeX Wed 13-Jul-11 14:11:56

Carrie Mumsnet Champagne

She was gobsmacked by htis idiot's article saying that NC should stop doing the school run and devote himself only to his paid work

sunshineandbooks Wed 13-Jul-11 14:46:29

Ok Ok. Ease off. blush wink

I didn't make the connection. I thought Carrie was some famous presenter on Radio 2 that I hadn't heard of. I didn't make the connection with our Carrie. (I have been awake half the night with a sick child)

Anyway, good for you Carrie! grin

Wamster Thu 14-Jul-11 13:43:31

I don't want any deputy prime minister of this country to do the school run -be they male or female. I wouldn't have wanted Margaret Thatcher to do the school run. For me this is not a question of sexism, it's just that somebody who runs the country should not be involved in stuff like this when he can pay others to do it. What the hell is he thinking of? Hasn't he got better things to do like run the effing country? Makes my blood boil.
Nothing to do with sexism, though, wouldn't want a FEMALE to do it.

IroningBoardForSurfBoard Thu 14-Jul-11 13:46:58

nice post there Wamster

almost could hear the 'Harry Enfield' style voiceover there...

'parents, know your place' grin


HandDivedScallopsrgreat Thu 14-Jul-11 14:11:32

Perhap Nick Clegg recognises his first responsibility is to his family, not the country. I am sure the country will survive the 1/2 hr or so it takes him to do the school run.

<joining in the eye roll>

Wamster Thu 14-Jul-11 14:26:01

Nick Clegg has an important job, he can well afford to pay somebody else to do the school run. For god's sake, if the two posters above me think doing the school run is more important than running the country, there is something seriously amiss with their value system.

School run trumps world peace, the Milly Dowler scandal, third world debt. But, hey ho, there we go hmm

HandDivedScallopsrgreat Thu 14-Jul-11 14:27:39

I think you have your priorities and values wrong Wamster, not Nick Clegg.

Wamster Thu 14-Jul-11 14:27:46

Do I want Nick Clegg to do the school run (which he could well afford to pay somebody else to do) or would I prefer it if he set about solving (or trying to solve) the major issues of the day? I pick the latter- as would anybody with any common sense!

Wamster Thu 14-Jul-11 14:28:56

HandDivedScallopsrgreat, don't talk rubbish.

He can pay somebody to do the school run. Taking children to school is not as important as running the country.

Wamster Thu 14-Jul-11 14:30:17

If he wants to be a house-husband (nothing wrong with that as a choice, by the way, I'm not knocking it as a job in itself) he should resign and give somebody else a crack at the whip.

MissTinaTeaspoon Thu 14-Jul-11 14:30:38

Just because he can afford to pay someone doesn't mean that he has to! He is taking an active role in his children's education, he's not my favourite person but I personally think it's wonderful that despite, I assume, working long hours he still takes his role as a father seriously.

IroningBoardForSurfBoard Thu 14-Jul-11 14:30:41

are you the same sort of person who moans when parents take time off for school plays etc?

<hands Wamster an ice pop to counteract boiling blood>

HandDivedScallopsrgreat Thu 14-Jul-11 14:33:17

I don't think doing the school run constitutes becoming a house husband - now who is being ridiculous hmm. It is pretty minimal in terms of caring for your children, which in fact he jointly brought into this world. He feels it is important to do, the country is going to collapse because he does it and I am sure he makes up the time later on in the day/evening. Talk about sensationalism.

HandDivedScallopsrgreat Thu 14-Jul-11 14:34:06

the country isn't going to collapse - obviously grin

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 14-Jul-11 16:37:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OddBoots Thu 14-Jul-11 16:42:40

Someone who cares enough about their child to want to do the school run will care enough about the world their child is growing up in to want to do a good job in government.

HerBeX Fri 15-Jul-11 23:27:56

FGS Clegg doesn't run the country.

That's what civil servants are for.

SinicalSal Fri 15-Jul-11 23:43:19

FGS it takes half an hour (say) to do the school run. How long to play a round of golf/watch a film/deadhead some roses in the garden?
Is he not to get any personal time at all? Run the country 24/7?

How silly to say the country will collapse if the deputy pm takes half an hour family time.

SmellsLikeTeenStrop Sat 16-Jul-11 02:52:05

''Do I want Nick Clegg to do the school run (which he could well afford to pay somebody else to do) or would I prefer it if he set about solving (or trying to solve) the major issues of the day? I pick the latter- as would anybody with any common sense!''

Anyone with any common sense would see that these two things are not mutually exclusive. It's possible to do the school run and try to solve issues of the day. Just saying.

Anyone with any common sense would understand that as a father of small children, he is going to give a part of himself to his family that nobody else can access or indeed has the right to. He's the deputy PM but we don't own him, we don't have the right to all his time and energy. His family also have a claim on him.

buzzsore Sat 16-Jul-11 15:24:57

The school run can be a great time to spend with your kids chatting, it's about the only thing Nick Clegg does that I approve of grin.

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