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I find myself quite keen on using "warlike tactics" against this guy, as it happens.

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DaisyHayes Fri 01-Jul-11 21:27:17

This is not even worthy of a thread really. It just pissed me off. Some moron telling feminists that they are wrong, wrong, wrong. Again.

"I am not at all concerned about any of the radical feminist ideas coming to fruition. My main point here is that I wish radfems would put more energy into things that are realistic and could actually help ALL women, and not tied to any other sort of ideology. I WANT full equality for women, and I don't know why they think what they are promoting has any chance of accomplishing that.

Should empowering all women include all demeaning men? Is it necessary to overhaul the entire economic system in order for women to have equality? (Let me guess... 'True Communism/Marxism has never really been tried!', right?) Yeah, I doubt it."

I don't know why I watch this sort of shit, I really don't.

TinaLeena Sat 02-Jul-11 05:55:51

You really think that's bad? Look at what they did to Jessica at

PrinceHumperdink Mon 04-Jul-11 14:54:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Vespaatemydog Tue 05-Jul-11 01:03:33

I'm not surprised. Been seeing this all over lately

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