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Monaco Wedding - Charlene Wittstock allegedly has passport confiscated while trying to leave country

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MardyBra Fri 01-Jul-11 14:49:26

link here

I find this story very creepy. OK, it's been denied but I do hope the poor woman isn't being forced into marriage.

MardyBra Fri 01-Jul-11 15:13:23

Bump. Just me then?

Sarsaparilllla Fri 01-Jul-11 15:16:12

Ugh, definitely very creepy, surely if it's true that's illegal?

belgo Fri 01-Jul-11 15:29:28


wrongdecade Fri 01-Jul-11 17:14:34

saw this on the wright stuff, god I hope this isn't true

MardyBra Fri 01-Jul-11 19:03:43

I just get the feeling that she's been bullied talked into the marriage.

meditrina Fri 01-Jul-11 19:07:55

The wedding has taken place.

And according to the BBC the rumours of coercion have been denied - both officially in Monaco, and also by her friends.

belgo Fri 01-Jul-11 19:49:44

I've just seen some photos of the kiss on the balcony following the Civil ceremony - cringeworthy. She looks petrified.

MardyBra Sat 02-Jul-11 00:28:15

Look at the body language in this photo - he looks like he's leering and she seems to be backing away.

I hope I'm mistaken and hope it's all OK for them and that my alarm bells are false cos there's not much we can do anyway.

MardyBra Sat 02-Jul-11 00:31:06

Shit this one doesn't feel right either

Poor cow.

Will leave this now as I fear I am the only one obsessed overconcerned.

AwesomePan Sat 02-Jul-11 00:41:38

I know. She looks guilt-ridden at accepting a life of unimaginable luxury. But I suspect whatever 'secrets' come out, I am sure she will endure them, at a price..

Liluri Sat 02-Jul-11 00:44:56

The clock's ticking as the groom is teetering on the brink of wrinkliness.

There'll be stern looks all round if she's not pregnant with an heir by the end of the week.
No pressure!

She's pretty much guaranteed a fab view of the Grand Prix though, so swings and roundabouts ....

MardyBra Sat 02-Jul-11 00:49:57

AwesomePan That's the thing - it's like she's in some gilded cage a la Princess Diana. Just because he's loaded, doesn't mean she isn't being oppressed. Plus, as Liluri points out, like Diana, they seem to want some sort of brood mare.

AwesomePan Sat 02-Jul-11 00:53:31

oh come on! She's 33 years old. All there is is a rumour. They have been a couple for years. "Lady Di" she ain't.

MardyBra Sat 02-Jul-11 01:01:59

OK it's a rumour so this is all speculation.

But surely what you are arguing Pan, is that IF she is being coerced into marriage, the it's OK because she buying into a life of luxury. hmm

Dorje Sat 02-Jul-11 01:02:41

I wonder how many kids he has and how many mistresses. He has one that we know about. I always thought he was bisexual too?
I certainly think she's not very happy about this - look at Caroline's face in the BBC video - like someone died.

AwesomePan Sat 02-Jul-11 01:06:12

no, she is a very grown up woman, and a sports star which suggest she is very focussed and self-determined. IF she didnt wish to marry she won't. It's really easy.

Dorje Sat 02-Jul-11 01:18:48

Unless of course she had no passport and couldn't leave - or are you suggesting she swam to france and illegally entered the EU?

SpawnChorus Mon 04-Jul-11 08:26:15

This story is incredibly sinister. I'm surprised it hasn't attracted more discussion on here.

dittany Mon 04-Jul-11 08:30:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RitaMorgan Mon 04-Jul-11 08:32:13

Sounds like there is a lot of money at stake, and she was under a lot of pressure at the least.

Not easy to leave with no passport and a head of state in your way.

dittany Mon 04-Jul-11 08:32:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oohlaalaa Mon 04-Jul-11 10:05:37

I think she's smart. I think she'll stay with him for a couple of years, a couple of legitimate children, and then multi-million pound divorce settlement.

LilBB Mon 04-Jul-11 13:32:22

There is something a bit strange about it all. The rumour seems to be that she provides a legitimate heir and in return gets to live a life of luxury. Didn't the story of her trying to escape come out in the Franch press? Are the tabloidy like a lot of the UK press or a bit more serious?

He has two confirmed illegitimate children and a third is being tested soon. However it seems he has little to do with any of them. What a lovely man he must be.

Bue Mon 04-Jul-11 14:34:01

I don't think anyone's as bad as the British tabloids! Albert's lawyer threatened to sue, then retracted the threat. Who knows, but that seems to suggest there's a whiff of truth to the whole thing...

I feel sorry for CW. I hate the idea that you must radiate joyous happiness all day on your wedding day, but that was a strained looking bride if I ever saw one.

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