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Julie Bindel on keeping female students safe from sexual violence.

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DaisyHayes Fri 17-Jun-11 11:14:58

I've just been reading Julie Bindel's article arguing that more needs to be done to stop sexual violence and harassment being part of a 'normal' night out for female students.

It was bloody ages some time ago since I was at University, but I remember this well from the days when I used to go out a lot. I remember unwanted sexual attention being the norm - an annoying part of the evening that you just have to put up with along with people puking on the night bus and huge queues for the loos.

I wish I'd been braver then and had been able to tell arseholes to piss off and let me enjoy myself and that they're not entitled to anything from me. But I didn't know that what they were doing wasn't okay, and - get this - I didn't want to be rude.

I worry that this is still the case. That it took me years to realise that there is everyday 'minor' sexual harrassment that women just accept as the background of their lives.

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