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Did we ever have a Policewatch thread in here?

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ElephantsAndMiasmas Wed 15-Jun-11 20:27:38

I know I meant to start one ages ago, to highlight wrongdoing by people in the justice system.

Well, I'm going to start one now, with this story, although it is about prison officers rather than police.

A prison officer sexually assaulted a female prisoner, and started what the BBC laughably call "a relationship" with her that lasted 3 years, during which he also involved another prison officer who also had sex with her.


Feel free to add any other stories you see about police/CPS/prison officer crimes against the women under their control.

DontCallMePeanut Thu 16-Jun-11 03:58:33

The Beeb are laughable, they really are. sad The thing is, the Beeb are very Tory loyal, which also makes them somewhat misogynistic. (Historically, Tories are women haters) Add to this, they tend to support services run by the government, so to downplay a sexual assault, carried out by someone who works for the government, at the expense of a woman, does not suprise me.

ElephantsAndMiasmas Thu 16-Jun-11 08:05:40

Sexually assault a woman once = crime (supposedly)

Assault and rape her repeatedly (in the context of a literal prisoner who has no choice but to stay) whilst buying her flowers etc = relationship.

sad angry

queenofthecapitalwasteland Thu 16-Jun-11 08:19:49

Is there a real reason why there are male prison guards in a women-only prison? I'm truely curious, I would have thought that given the 'relationships' that sometimes occur, haveing men with that much power over a captive female population would be a bad idea?

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